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    If you ever doubted that Fred Smith's intention was to make FedEx Express a company of part-time employees, look at this week's JCATS postings. Fully 80% of the openings are PT positions. This doesn't even take into account Memphis jobs, which are almost all PT.

    At my station, 4 people have left within the last few months. All were full-time and were replaced with part-timers. What kind of career can a new hire expect at a company where you probably have limited opportunities to even become full-time.

    Just more evidence we "don't" need a union.
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    I was talking to a TM at work the other day asked if Express was hiring and he said they have so many Part timers over there alot of them arent working. Just waiting for a call in hopes of getting a few hours that is really sad.
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    Um, no union is going to help with that battle. I understand what you are getting at but you seem to be looking at this one-sidedly. We've lost FT jobs and they are gauranteed by contract, what does that tell you? It tells me that union or not, PT America works, don't be fooled. The grievances are in the trash can in trade for side deals and green pocket lining
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    Seems to me that Fred and you have different visions for the future. Fred's seems to be happening.
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    Wasn't the part-time issue a big reason for the 1997 strike? One would think if it's in the contract that the Teamsters would be a bit more aggressive about making sure UPS lives-ip to it's obligations.
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    Fred's vision has imported foreign drivers working for $1.50 per hour as part-timers, with no benefits. It would appear that you and Mr Smith are dreaming the same dream.
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    This is what scares me as you bring forth your pro-union Teamster opinions. The Teamsters completely flopped over and are handing UPS everything that was faught for in the Ron Carey days....old news, apparently you aren't informed, but now you are. Don't take that the wrong way. Within the next couple to maybe many years I will be out of a FT job along with many others, that is my opinion,
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    "Waving the White Flag at UPS

    April 2, 2010: The Hoffa administration says it’s “Not the right time” to enforce the UPS contract.

    Hoffa administration officials offered plenty of excuses, but no action plans for contract enforcement, during a national conference call for UPS shop stewards.

    hall, Hoffa’s point man at UPS, told stewards the IBT was doing a good job standing up to UPS at the national grievance panels. He blamed contract enforcement problems on members for failing to file good grievances—and on local officials for bringing cases with “no facts.”

    On the critical issue of defending full-time 22.3 jobs, hall said it’s “not the right time” to enforce the contract.

    hall addressed a series of issues where the International Union has come under fire for failing to stand up to UPS, including 22.3 full-time job elimination, 9.5 violations, and supervisors working.

    Full-Time Job Elimination

    The National Grievance Panel has not heard a single one of the hundreds of grievances filed on UPS’s elimination of 22.3 jobs. The contract requires UPS to maintain 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs, but thousands of these positions are vacant or were never created in the first place.

    hall was unapologetic about the International Union’s inaction, saying “Quite frankly, 2009 was not the right time” to enforce Article 22.3. Apparently, 2010 is not the right time either. Our union didn’t take up any of the 22.3 grievances at the national panel in March.

    Article 22.3 clearly requires UPS to maintain 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs, and makes no exception for falling volume.

    After the 1997 strike, the company refused to create 22.3 jobs. Our union took the issue to arbitration where the company relied on a sentence in the contract that declared the company’s obligations under Article 22.3 would be “null and void” if “there is a reduction in volume causing layoffs.”

    UPS lost that arbitration. And the language about volume was eliminated from the contract in 2002. But hall said the International Union won’t take action to protect 22.3 jobs until the economy turns around.

    “Even though we think we’re right,” hall said, “We don’t want to roll the dice” with an arbitrator. Meanwhile UPS continues to destroy full-time combo jobs."

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    Part time is the way to go.... In ten years from now you will not see a full time supervisor anymore... It will just be mangers and part time supervisors. It's not like UPS is just picking on the union folk, management will cut their own throat as well...
  10. UnsurePost

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    You are probably correct, I agree with that. I don't disagree with the premise, either.
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    Again you read me the wrong way. I'm on the sideline here. I'm waiting to see what Express does. You have detailed time and time again what Fred has done to the company and how the employees are disgruntled. Ok. I'm waiting to see the action. Or would you make a good little Hoffa and keep running the same kind of "now is not the time" line?
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    I've been very critical of Hoffa and the Teamsters for sitting on their asses over this whole RLA deal. And I've never said that the Teamsters are a perfect solution. It's pretty clear that they've got some major issues of their own. Believe it or not, I'd rather not deal with them either, but FedEx has been completely unwilling to do anything about employee concerns over pay and benefits. It's ironic, but Fred could have kept the union out very easily by just staying close to UPS and not killing-off the traditional pension plan. He chose the low road, and the only way to "negotiate" with him is by figuratively putting a gun to his head in the form of the Teamsters. He created the situation, and we've been forced to respond with a solution.
  13. bbsam

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    I've read the speeches for a couple years now. Still waiting to SEE what happens next.
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    Since the rules of the RLA were changed by the NMB I've seen several comments about why aren't the Teamsters doing anything? Turns out the new rules go into effect July 1st. Maybe they couldn't do anything until then?
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    So is everbody else.
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    If you're referring to me, and that's supposed to be some sort of insult, I could really give a crap. What I would like to SEE is something from the IBT to even show they're still breathing. Fred's efforts are still an unknown, and nobody can really respond appropriately until something concrete happens.
  17. bbsam

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    The only way that can be an insult is if you have some feeling of ineptness. I'm simply saying that it's easy to talk a good game and I'm interested to see if Express couriers are truly as fed up as you say and if they have the cajones to do anything about it. As for the IBT, if it is "not the time" to enforce the already existing UPS contract, I can only assume Fedex is way, way down on their list of priorities.
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    I can only speak for my local stations, but morale is abysmal. Criticism and bad feelings are predominant, and people aren't holding back like they used to. Until the Teamsters make a move, it's still highly unlikely to have open advocacy for organization and the IBT isn't making a good impression by staying in the background. Their failure to enforce the UPS contract will be mercilessly used against them by FedEx as will the funding problems with IBT pension plans.

    July 1st would be a logical time for Hoffa to emerge from hibernation, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure FedEx is a priority for them, but they certainly don't act like it. Even if Fred loses the RLA game, the Teamsters have done a great deal to damage an already shaky reputation. They did a lousy job back in 1996, and as of right now, I'd give them an "F" for effort, and an "F-minus" for leadership.
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    Already Happin Big $.8 bonus on your July 10 Check!!!!:greedy:
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