FedEx, TNT Express say takeover to go ahead

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    FedEx, TNT Express say takeover to go ahead - Yahoo

    FedEx and its Dutch-based takeover target TNT Express say that the European Commission does not object to their 4.4 billion euro ($5 billion) agreement, paving the way for the deal to be completed in the first half of next year.

    In a statement issued Tuesday evening, both companies say they "have been informed by the European Commission that no Statement of Objections will be issued."
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    Yay! Another excuse to keep down compensation! "We'd love to pay everyone more, but we just dropped $5 billion so we can't this year."
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    When Fedex bought out RPS/Caliber it didn't have the cash to buy us so they had to buy it with stock. Since then and thanks to good old ground they have paid cash for everything theyhave bought since then. American Freightways. Kinkos and several other smaller but valuable operations and always paid top dollar in cash. G is their cash cow and theywill stop at nothing to keep it that way.
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    At least they actually have a real excuse this year, not a made up one. Lol.

    Oh, and welcome to FedEx, where any excuse will do. :)
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    UPS was going to but TNT last year but European regulators nixed the deal.
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    Will we (at Express) get their ugly orange vans?
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    The refusal by European regulators opened the door for X to go in loaded with cash and buy TNT. The rub is that Express is paying it's bills but that's about it. Yet the corporation as a whole thanks to Ground has plenty of cash to buy TNT in a possibly futile effort to get Express from it's usual 2-5% net operating margin to the !0% Smith promised 4 years ago_Oh, and don't forget the recent announcement regarding the purchase of an additional 50 brand new Boeing 767's .