FedEx & UPS challenged by USPS flat rates

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    FedEx & UPS challenged by USPS flat rates - Blogging Stocks

    The United States Postal Service has been heavily promoting it's flat rate deliveries based on the the size of the box instead of the weight in an attempt to retrieve some of the business that it has lost to Federal Express Corp (NYSE: FDX) and United Parcel Service.(NYSE: UPS) over the years.

    At first glance it would seem the Postal Service is on to something here and might have found a path to increasing its market share taking away some business from its highly successful competitors. But the new flat rate box scheme may turn out to be the governments version of 3-card monte or shell game. The deal is not what it seems.
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    A :sad-little:perfect example of the GOVENMENT abusing a Monoply on first class mail and using revenue from that Monopoly to UNFAIRLY compete with the Private sector. One does not need an Ivy league degree to understand the cost basis for the offering by the post office would be impossible on a fair and level playing field.How many Teamster Drivers and employees have been laid off ----just to unfairly keep "Cliff" working ??
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    I ahve seen too many USPS packages left in veiw from the street and in areas where the weather will damage them. If this is how they deliver, we have nothing to fear.
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    In a tight economy price will (almost) always beat service.
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