FedEx, UPS give peak day package forecasts


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FedEx, UPS give peak day package forecasts - Reuters

Memphis-based FedEx expects 11.3 million packages to move through its FedEx Express and FedEx Ground networks on Dec 17, compared with an average daily volume of 7 million packages, the company said in a press release.

UPS spokesman Norman Black said the Atlanta-based company expects package volumes in its network to reach 22 million on its peak day on Dec. 19.


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Back in 1999 early 2000 FDX had only express air and was moving 3.5 mil pkgs daily with 5 mil during peak. Look at the numbers they are moving today since the debut of ground and freight since. Once we start losing our major distributors, you will see a "leveling out" of volume between us and FDX, with that irritating DHL not far behind.

Our AE's need to get out there and lock these distributors long term and stop worrying about pkg drivers turning in leads for them.