FedEx, US Postal Service renew delivery deal


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FedEx, US Postal Service renew delivery deal - Reuters

Package-delivery company FedEx Corp. and the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday said they had renewed through 2013 an agreement for FedEx's FedEx Express unit to transport domestic mail by air.


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While im all for UPS getting more, personaly i say its a bad deal. Let FedEx carry all the mail they want, they have plenty of room!!!!! and hopefully will have more room once everyone wises up and goes ups fully!


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I had a USPS employee tell me the other day that most of his co-workers were hoping that we got more of that contract then what we did. He said that a lot of Express mail is delivered a day late because of the fact that Fedex's Flight schedules don't fit their needs to certain locations.