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FedEx vs. UPS: Which Shipping Stock Is the Better Value Buy?

Discussion in 'The Latest UPS Headlines' started by cheryl, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. cheryl

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    FedEx vs. UPS: Which Shipping Stock Is the Better Value Buy? - Zacks

    Shares of both FedEx and United Parcel Service have fallen victim to the latest market-wide sell-off. However, this recent downturn isn’t likely to scare off many value investors, and it might actually make stocks like these two shipping and delivery powers look even more attractive.

    FedEx and UPS have long dominated the industry that they helped revolutionize, which is now set to grow based on the expansion of e-commerce and increased demand for extremely fast shipping. The companies do face competition from Amazon and others, but the two legacy giants offer both stability and value, which look even more attractive amid this newly volatile market.

    FedEx and UPS also seem to attract similar buy-and-hold investors. With that said, these same investors likely understand the value of a diverse portfolio. This means they might only want to pick one of these two shipping stocks.
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    @Gumby what are your thoughts
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  3. Buy none of them.
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    gold coins instead