Feds call magician-as-cargo stunt a hoax

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    Feds call magician-as-cargo stunt a hoax - Associated Press

    Federal investigators say a magician who claimed he packaged himself and rode a cargo plane on a cross-country flight from upstate New York to Las Vegas was pulling off a hoax.

    Wade Whitcomb said he folded himself into a cramped wooden crate for the 26-hour trip on a United Parcel Service truck and a UPS plane.
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    If he really did it, he probably wouldn't be bragging about it, being an irreg and all. :funny:
  3. fethrs

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    Theres no possible way he could have made it. I work by the unload wall and in re-wrap sometimes. I see how the irregs are handled and he would have been in pieces..:knockedout:
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He has already admitted that it was a hoax.
  5. fethrs

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    I would have re-wrapped him and processed him as "damaged due to insufficient cushioning" and rtsd him.
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    What did Hoax do?