Feds: Stolen firearms sold out of UPS parking lot

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    Feds: Stolen firearms sold out of UPS parking lot - Washington Examiner

    Two United Parcel Service employees were charged with selling stolen firearms from the parking lot of the customer service facility in Landover.

    Prosecutors said Jason T. Scott, 26, and Marcus D. Hunter, 23, sold duffel bags full of handguns and semiautomatic rifles, including at least five of nearly two dozen weapons that had been stolen from a gun store in Woodbine, Md., in May, according to court documents filed in federal court in Greenbelt.
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    These have to be two of the dumbest ups employees ever..........They deserve everything they get.
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    Damn, thats not too far from me....if only I'd have known....I would have me a couple stolen handguns
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    Part of my route bordered an indian reservation so I was constantly being offered "hot stuff" cheap. Never took them up on it though. Before anyone goes all P/C on me- yes there were alot of good familys on the res too.