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  1. Rgt85

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    What's the difference in annual feeder bids and the weekly bids? I just started a few weeks ago and I just don't quite understand all of this. I'm not at the bottom of the list, but I got the choice of 3 really crappy routes (which needless to say I chose the least crappiest). Someone told me that the route they gave me was our 'annual' bid, which was different from the weekly bids. I'm ignorant to all of this stuff. Someone please explain.
    Also, in the next couple of weeks we will be adding more feeder drivers. How long before I will be able to bid again to get out of these bad runs?
  2. Johney

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    Is there such a thing in feeders? All I ever hear is the worst day in feeders is still better than the best day in package.
  3. Highwayman

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    You will get a chance to bid on other routes when new runs are posted. The weekly bids are for the cover drivers(vacations etc.). You started a few weeks ago and you have a crappy bid? Patience, patience, patience.
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  4. oldngray

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    Drivers with 30 years often have crappy bids. Some feeder drivers will be in that seat until they die.
  5. jaker

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    That's my plan , I will die sleeping in the truck
  6. Kevin211

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    Weekly bids are bids posted to cover a driver that is on vacation
    annual feeder bids is were we pick our job for 6 months
  7. Rgt85

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    So, let me ask this...when these new people come in I will be able to throw my route their way and grab up a different one even if the 6 month period is not up?
  8. Covemastah

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    If they add new rte. you can bid it, your open rte. now goes out for bid and senior person gets it... anytime there is a leg change,new job, start time change, that is open to bid,,,as posted earlier cover drivers bid weekly also by seniority !! hope his helps you out !! it can be overwhelming at first. You will get it !!
  9. Rgt85

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    Yes, it does help. Thank you.
  10. Covemastah

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    Your welcome and welcome to Feedahs where we only work hard about 10--15 days a years (when it snows ) Now grab a donut and don't forget to ordah your beginners Feedah stretchy pants !!
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  12. mrtinez

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    Annual bids in our center are for one year starting in May. Weekly bids are to cover for drivers who are on Vacation, Workers Comp. etc.
  13. Dracula

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    And where I'm from, on top of the vacation bids we always have a various amount of permanent bids that come up almost every week.
  14. Shift Inhibit

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    As a package car driver in my center, you need a horseshoe up your :censored2: just to get INTO feeders... all the feeder guys started in the mid to late 70's and keep on ticking.
  15. silenze

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    We had a ton of retirements after the new contract was ratified. Now you can transfer with less then 10 years full time. 0 years part time. They went through the whole list.