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    Is there such thing as feeder cover driver or just package cover driver? I have been loading for a year and was told that the bid sheet will be put out for package cover driver in September! Only one I saw said feeder cover. There is another bid sheet that says PT to full time and HR told me that's the one for cover driving. Is that correct?
  2. Yes. Our building just started bringing part time feeder cover drivers up.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There are cover drivers for both feeder and package.
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    So is it usual for the cover package driver bid sheet to be titled PT to full time? Doesn't say anything about it being for package cover driver
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    In the past there were guys in our center who would work as a FT pc driver but then cover when the feeder drivers were on vacation. (21 weeks a year) or when a nearby hub needed a day run covered or at peak when there were extra trailers going out. Now they bring in guys from 3 hours away because no one here has a CDL.
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    They may have exhausted all efforts to fill feeder cover driver positions from the full-timers so they will try the part-timers.
  7. Rick Ross

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    In the Atlantic region all feeder drivers are full-time.
  8. Just to clarify, out building has full time feeder drivers, and part time cover drivers that come from their position in the building. We also have drivers that swing from feeder to package, but lately they all pretty much stay up in feeder as our building is staying busy
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    Who covers vacations and days off?
  10. Rick Ross

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    People on the Q list. If you are on the Q list you can either work in the building, go to package if they need you or wait by the phone. They will fill vacation coverage for next week today so everyone has an idea of what they need to do next week.

    After peak quite a few will be in the building for a few months.
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  11. Rick Ross

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    To clarify my earlier post. We have 3 lists to cover openings. They are filled in this order:

    Coverage - guaranteed feeder work
    Super Q - can bump to package anytime if they have seniority
    Q - can work in package if they want you, building or on call with no work guaranteed

    If anyone can clarify this I would appreciate it. This is how I understand the Atlantic to work from what others have told me.
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