Feeder death in AZ

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 542thruNthru, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Isn't that the stretch they're working on/trying to expand? That seems like a lot of semi traffic for a two lane road.
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    I'm fine, I can't be fired or killed apparently. UPS gave up years ago and try as I might none of my off-job extreme activities prove fatal.

    Thanks for asking though. I knew Art for decades and he was a safe driver, good Teamster, and a dedicated Father. We are all pretty sad over here.
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  8. 104Feeder

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    ADOT has ignored that section most likely because it will be realigned when the I-11 corridor is finalized. There are fatalities on that section every other week. Our Governor is more concerned about lowering taxes and raiding the State Land Trust.
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    life is precious
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    Fantastic guy, not too many deserved this less than he. I hope there's a good fishing boat playing Howard Stern and cold beers waiting for him.
  11. Richard Harrow

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    Very sad.

    I vacationed out in Vegas last year and we drove to LA to meet a friend. I remember driving through the desert and thinking how easy it would be to have a wreck out there.
  12. AZ Retired

    AZ Retired allegedly went "Brett Favre" with his cell.

    Art was a great person that I loved working with decades ago. My prayers go out to his family at home and at UPS.
  13. bowhnterdon

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    Prayers to the Families, looks like the UPS Driver didn’t have a chance..
  14. Air Recovery

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    Extremely sad. RIP brother.