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    Im asking this as a UPS Freight driver. There seem to be alot of rumors about how much UPS Feeder drivers pay. I believe it is around $32.00 right now. Can anybody give me an accurate number?
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    In my local feeder drivers make approximately .25$ more than a regular driver. My non feeder wage is 31.625$ an hour.
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    It varies some depending on your location, but that's in the ballpark. We get $0.45 per hour extra any day we pull doubles too (here).
  4. BBAK

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    When feeder drivers are paid mileage, what is their rate then?
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    New England Feeder Driver: $30.985
    $31.425 if driving over 140 miles in a day
    Double bottom Drivers: $31.865
    Plus an additional 25 cents per hour if pulling and combination of trailers.

    Section 3. Mileage Rates

    Premium Service drivers will be paid the cents per mile shown below for all miles driven. Sleeper teams will receive a two (2) cents per mile premium on the appropriate mileage rate and will equally divide the appropriate rate.

    The mileage rates set forth below shall be effective for each of the specified contract years. In each of the years, the increase in the mileage rate shall be paid in two (2) equal installments. The first half of the increase shall become effective on August 1 of the specified year. The second half of the increase shall become effective on February 1 of the following calendar year. The total increases for each year will result in the following mileage rates:

    Year Single Double Triple
    2008 0.6614 0.6758 0.6902
    2009 0.6784 0.6932 0.7080
    2010 0.6966 0.7118 0.7270
    2011 0.7160 0.7316 0.7472
    2012 0.7364 0.7526 0.7686

    [I included the recent 12-cent per hour COLA in the regular rates, but didn't in the mileage rates.]
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    And before somebody jumps on the bandwagon and cries "TOO MUCH", I repeat what was always said in racing jargon when it came to going fast:

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    I get trips pay here everyday at $31.835
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    And you earn it. Hate moving those big mothers.