Feeder Drivers: Anyone Have a 10 Meter Radio?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dracula, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Dracula

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    I have a Cobra 29NW Limited. The drivers I drive with have those 10 meter jobbies. They can hear me, but I can't hear them, far out. Are they talking trash about me? Are they making fun of my thingy? Seriously, I've had my Cobra peaked and tuned, but the range is as long as my....well, it's not real long...Short but strong, is what I like to say. Am I inadequate? Does my wife wish I had a 10 Meter...radio?
  2. AZBrown

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    Even with that cobra peaked and tuned, the 10 meter has way more wattage.
    With a couple other antenna refinements that 10 meter gets out.
    I used a Magnum 80 watt, it got out straight out of the box, not tuning necessary.
    Magnums are good quality at a reasonable twice.
  3. spif91

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    Drac I think the 10 meter radio's are actually illegal for us to run in UPS equipment. That's what I was told by a 30 year UPS mech here anyway. I was trying one out a few years ago to buy and had to run the power lead through the firewall and hook it up to a connection under the hood. It had a linear on it and was pushing over 100 watts. Kept blowing fuses in my tractor so I disconnected it and was told it was against policy to run anything like that. You can buy a Connex 3400HP or similar radio and have it peaked and tuned to around 25 or 30 watts and it should be all you need....I've been told drivers at the hub could here me talking 15 miles away after I had left. Decided then and there I needed to be careful who and what I was talking about with the guys I run with until I got a safe distance away....LOL
  4. BigUnionGuy

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    To run a 10 meter radio, you need a Ham license.

    I don't personally know any feeder drivers that run one.

    10 meter is only good during the daylight. The contract limits you to a 5 watt radio.... but I doubt anyone checks,

    if your radio has been tuned. Never heard of it.

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    Enough with these posts about radios. You wouldn't weigh 400 pounds if you wouldn't listen to the radio all day. Your wife says hi.
  6. Stubnose Killa

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    Connex 3400HP is a 10 meter radio.
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    Did you at least leave him a $20 on the nightstand? :wink2:
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    Have a driver in my building runs a 10 meter radio, he has a ham license. I know of a couple of other drivers using 10 meter radios. It's against the contract to run more that 5 watts and against FCC rules to run more that 5 watts on the CB band. The 10 meter radios sold by CB shops are for "export".

    That being said it's a little hard to enforce but the fines can be heavy if you get caught. I think if you constantly messed up someones TV signal or something like that near the hub and they complained or something like that.

    I do know someone who shall remain nameless who used a linear similar to this:

    RM Mod KL 35 Amp 25 to 35 w FM HF 10 Meter CB Linear Amplifier Burner | eBay

    with a Galaxy radio with the power turned down and it put out 25 watts, not enough to overpower someone but you can get heard. Not many people seem to talk on the CB anymore unless your stuck in traffic.

    If you use an echo mike similar to this:

    ECHO / POWER MIC for 4 pin Cobra / Uniden / DX CB Radio - Workman DM452 : Amazon.com : Automotive

    it will sound a bit like a "big radio", you have to be able to adjust the gain or it will squeal. Having "talkback" helps to adjust it.
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    We had a few drivers that ran modified TriStars and Galaxies. Their routes went by a military base and would bleed over the military radio frequencies. One day a van with lots of antennas was waiting and monitoring passing vehicles. Well, they had their radios confiscated. I have an old Midland 40 channel cb that when you hold down 2 buttons when you turn it on, it all of a sudden is able to transmit 240 channels. Band a thru f.