Feeder question


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If a feeder driver retires in a different center but in the same local can you apply for that position going by seniority or is it only available for people who are actually in the center?


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If you following work you keep your seniority. But you keep company seniority. I did this and went to a different hub and lost my 5 year job bidding seniority but not company/pension stuff etc.

If not following work you start at the bottom.

Check your supplement as it may be different \from Norcal.
Ask your BA for more info.


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I'm in VA, south eastern I guess it would be. It would be available only to persons in that center. If it couldn't be filled from the center, meaning no one wanted feeder training there, the job could be covered and bid from feeder dept that is currently covering the job. But that would be a permanent domicile move and your stuck there. Seniority would dovetail.