Feeder run elimination question.

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    I am a 24 year driver with a rural route. There is a feeder run that could possibly be eliminated at the first of the year. The feeder-driver has given indications that he might take my route. He had one of our center's combo jobs before he went into feeders. He has 26 years service with the company. I was wondering if he can bump me since he has attained seniority in these two different job classifications while I have chosen to stay in package cars. Thanks for any input.
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    Here in New England,the guy who is bumped may take any job that seniority takes him. Although,other regions may be differant based on the contract & the local supplement.
  3. In our local,the displaced feeder driver would then bump the least seniority package driver. He does not get to pick and choose which route he wants. Otherwise it would set off a domino effect of bumping and disruption which UPS does not want,
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    Same process here...... He needs to follow the feeder work if it is being moved from his domicile. More than likely it is not just disappearing. It has happened here that runs were "eliminated" only to pop up in another nearby hub. Not calling total BS here without all the facts. He needs to be his own advocate and find out all the details.

    As for you, research it in your local supplement. Many a bump or deal have gone down because the affected parties did not know the correct language. Once it happens it's twice as hard to correct it. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Even if his run is eliminated, he should only be in package cars a few weeks per year if at all. For that reason, I would like to keep my route. I believe in the seniority system and if it happens, it happens. I should have gone to work for UPS three years earlier:wink2:.

  6. You`re a 24 year driver and you are the lowest seniority person in that center?
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    I'm a 24 year driver in my center and probably #11 or 12 on the seniority list. (50 drivers)
  8. 24 here in march and I`m #7 out of 29.
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    20 yrs and 30th on the seniority list. 65 total drivers in our center. I hope to be moving up a bit after the first of the year. We have a couple guys talking retirement but wanted to get their vacations first!!
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    Same here.
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    Here the displaced driver could bump any junior driver, either in feeder or package. That driver could then bump and so could the third. The fourth is assigned, which means cover driver.

    Central supplement
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    I am in central states as well. This is exactly right.
    30 years full time in June. 7th driver down on seniorit list
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    Here, you cannot bump back into package from feeders. You can bump into another building or, failing that, bump into the hub.

    I have 22 years in, but 7 were part-time, so I believe I am in the 120s for vacation picks and in the 140s for job picks! Out of about 150.
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    In Local 177 if your run is eliminated you can bump another driver with less classification seniority if the less senior driver's run starts the same time and otherwise is esssentially the same. If not you go on the spare drivers list and pick weekly until bid time or another run comes up for bid and you win that bid.
    If the run that is cancelled is reposted within a month you can be reassigned to it.
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    That is, if you have enough seniority to bump another feeder driver.

    Then again, he is talking about runs being eliminated, and not lay offs. I had to go back and re-read this thread.

    I'll go slink off into a corner now.
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    In our center, we've seen this very situation. Back in the 80's our hub was closed, most of the feeder drivers went to the two hubs that absorbed the work from our hub. We were left with about 10 runs out of the previous 100. Then as years went on, that number dwindled to 4. However, the feeder drivers who chose not to follow their work, bumped back into package cars into the bottom bid jobs. They could not just pick any route that they had seniority on the package car driver.

    However, a few years ago, one of the satellite centers was eliminated, and the area returned to our center. That set off a series of route reorganizations which resulted in some routes that didn't have 50% of their work maintained intact. Those displaced package car drivers were able to bump into any bid route where they had seniority.

    The bottom line answer is simply call your union hall and ask your business agent to give an opinion as to how your supplement addresses this issue.
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    I'm sorry for the confusion, I am roughly 8th out of approximately 80 with my 24 years of service. The feeder driver in question used to have the route I am currently on around 6 years ago. He has been implying that he will possibly take my route (his old route) if and when his run is eliminated. I am in the Central states region. Thanks again for all the replies.
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    Most likely he will have the right to bump you, then you will get to bump any junior driver. You should probably start looking!!
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    I am in central states also. In our local, feeder drivers that come back to package go to the bottom of the senoirty list, no matter what their seniority date is.

    Feeder drivers who have their route cut, or are eliminated, go to the cover board until the next bid.

    They do have the option to bump two part-time hub employees to get their 8 hours.

    However, nothing at UPS seems to be set in stone.
    Everything is subject to the grievance process.
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    We are going to lose several feeder routes at the first of the year. The feeder drivers are already coming back to package cars. The can only bump bottom pkg car drivers.