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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by porter, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. porter

    porter New Member

    has anyone gone to feeder school from a porter job
  2. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    You might want to be a little more specific! What area are you in? Different parts of the country have different contract language. Why would you want to give up being a porter for feeder? Brooms getting to wide?
  3. diesel96

    diesel96 New Member

    Can somebody Google "Porter Job"?....
  4. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    The Porter jobs in my Hub are part-time.
  5. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    Are the porters the guys who clean stuff up?

    In my center the clean up dude is non union part time.
  6. bigrig

    bigrig Member

    this job is a contract job these people are not ups employees, but i have heard of shifters/in combo jobs going straight into feeders without any pkg del exp.
  7. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    This is beginning to sound like one of those things that vary from area to area. Our porters are part-time UPS employees. They clean up around the belts and sweep the floor. We have an outside contractor that does janitorial work, like take out the trash and clean the offices and restrooms. Our porters are all high seniority with twenty plus years, they originally bid off of sort jobs. They don't bid into Feeder where I am at, although they could probably bid into Package. They either don't want to go full-time or can't do the job.
  8. porter

    porter New Member

    :mad: I am a full timer with 31 years in the ohio central conference in dayton and have driven feeders and packages in the past for 25 years. The porter position came up and I jumped on it with the intention of retiring with 30 years at any age (53) plus full insurance. Since we all got shafted by the teamsters and mislead into voting for hoffa to get this 30 and out at any age, now I and tons of other people will have to stay a lot longer. The full time inside people (lowest Paid fulltimers) are restricted to any overtime at all.
    Feeder school came up and I signed up but was refuse because I didn'
    t have a years safe driving pryor to the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. porter

    porter New Member

    our porters are full time union members here in dayton ohio and yes we are the janitors!!!!!!!
  10. ozzey

    ozzey New Member

    I was a feeder driver who went to a fulltime porter job . Years later I gave a letter to feeders saying as a qualified feeder driver i wanted to comeback. I was allowed to fill the next job opening. The key was i never disqualified myself from feeders, so I was still considered to be on the qualified list.{ It went to state panel}
  11. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Maybe you'll need a year in pkg with no accidents to get in if you think your body can hack it.
  12. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member

    Here, and notice I said, HERE, (cuz some people interpret that to mean everywhere), we've had porters go to feeders.

    The rule HERE (notice, again the bold, cap letters) is that the intent list is put up in package car, OK? If not enough sign it there, then it is opened up to other f/t classifications in the building (meaning, PORTER or others). If not enough sign it there to fill requirements, it is opened up to p/ters w/ a CDL already in place. If not enough sign it there, it is opened up outside.

    Notice, again, I said HERE!!!!! This is not a rule for everywhere, OK?
  13. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Just so you know, Race, that doesn't happen everywhere...
  14. porter

    porter New Member

    what part of the country are you in and did you keep your dot card while being a porter
  15. porter

    porter New Member

    Where is HERE? I'm in Central States too...
  16. ozzey

    ozzey New Member

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  17. ozzey

    ozzey New Member

    I am in Nebraska and i did renew my dot card.