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    Does anybody know what the ruling on this is? In our hub we have full time drivers sitting at home while brokers are pulling loads. The company says that they have dedicated runs and are allowed to do it. Our hall even agrees with them. how can this be? How can you have outside brokers pulling loads while full time drivers, with seniority sit at home and don't get paid? Has anybody else seen anything like this?
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    I'm just a Seasonal Feeder but heard a Sup tell a guy that got bumped off his run due to a Broker that as long as he got his hours, there is no problem because the Broker is temporary. I sure hope this DHL volume stays up after peak, I didn't realize how much I'd miss working here.
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    You might want to find out exactly what these "brokers" are doing/pulling. By that I mean, are they drop shipments, where the shipper is using UPS but loading full trailers being pulled by outside contractors to skip zones, saving shipping costs, pulling to a UPS hub. If that's the case, it's out of our hands. The shipper is the one that is arranging the broker or contractor.

    If it is merely contractors pulling peak or seasonal loads out of a hub or center and regular feeder drivers are sitting home or have hours available to run extra runs, then there is a grievance. I know, the company tried this reasoning on us, saying they had to guarantee the contractors so many days, runs, hours, etc, so we couldn't take those. In sleepers, we ran extra runs every peak season on our regular days off. We had the hours available, the time, the willingness, while one contractor either got paid to sit home or just sat home.
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    If there long distance runs and all of our guys (710) are working then it`s ok. As far as a local contractor,ours is Pacella, then as soon as they come in we`re guaranteed that we can max out our hours for the day. we had a Sunday extra work list but the company called Pacella instead of the drivers on the list so they`re going to be paying out on that.
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    "Dedicated runs"? Ask them where that phrase is in the contract. Or equivalent words. If it isn't in the contact then it isn't "allowed". Unless your BA is a sellout.
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    Contracting language is in the national, I think since we now have sleeper teams and long runs in feeder's(over 500 miles rnd trip) this is something we should fight to get rid of and just use bargaining employee's to move the work, something to think about for next contract.
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    These are loads from the hubs. Our Feeder sup, and Steward say they are dedicated runs for the brokers so there is nothing we can do. Our local, steward, and center manager are all sell outs. Every time we go to our center manager or steward with a question we get yelled at like we are criminals or we get "call the hall". And that's it. We get hung out to dry because of backdoor deals. As far as DHL volume, we haven't seen any. Here it is peak and we are only getting 9-10 hrs a day. But our yard is full of 8-10 brokers every night. Total bs!!
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    As far as some of you are getting only 9-10 hrs a day, keep in mind that you are only guaranteed 8 and 40, that is, in most areas.

    As for feeder sup and steward saying they are dedicated runs for the brokers, try again. If you DO have people sitting home, as you said in your first post, then there is no such thing as a dedicated run. They can pay the laid off drivers to run em and pay the brokers to sit home. I know. We did it here.

    But, remember, if everyone is working at least 8 or 40, even if it means on a Sat or Sun, if some of these people are on-call, you have no case. Sorry to say, even if that means sweeping out trailers or washing the floor. We've done that too, just to make our case.
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    In my District overtime has been drastically curtailed except for all but the most senior people. Even during peak. I am getting an honest hour or less a day. I say honest to emphasize the fact that I don't do my job slower to make more money.
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    This is what I see in the National:

    ...During peak season, the Employer will make every reasonable effort, in accordance with the ppropriate Supplement, Rider or Addendum, to use current UPS employees and hire a sufficient number of employees to handle peak volume. After doing so, the Employer may use alternate means of transporting packages during peak season and will utilize union carriers whenever possible. Plans to utilize outside carriers will be reviewed and agreed with the Local Union. Such agreement will not be unreasonably withheld."

    Now square that with...

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    What the contract says is a matter of interpretation...:knockedout:
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    Yet when we bring it up to the hall or our steward and center manager, WE are the criminals on trial.
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    uso, its sad i know but, dont sit at home go inside and work your hours, i know this isnt what you want to do, but if all people will do this and they run out of drivers maybe things will change. but bottom line dont sit at home getting no pay.
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    Funny thing the other night 4 of our guys didnt get in, when me and another driver came in at 10:30 we were told we'd triple turn another hub (easily a 13 hr day with break and lunch). Didnt happen dont know what hit me but after I was through with the second turn I was really"Fatigued" and went home at 10 hrs.:smart: point is instead of 2 guys running 3 loads to Toledo, 3 could have ran 2 all with about 9 hrs. and 1 less driver at home. As far as brokers, were being told now that they arent domiciled out of our center there domiciled out of other hubs so they can run the loads, and USO is right the stewards really need some napkins to wipe their mouths off:surprised: I guess the hall does too. Sad state of affairs.
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    Again this is something we should fight in the next contract, all work should be pulled by bargaining employee's.
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    All the laid off feeder drivers in my district are sent back to package and paid their feeder wages while the contractors do their job.
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    k...it's UPS, not surprising. so how's the weather?
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    We have a peak season agreement which is reviewed with feeder management and our BA and stewards in October each year. Basically it states that all feeder drivers, including on call and cover drivers will work in classification during peak season, as long as contractors are running.
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    Hopefully your Local Union held a Peak-Season Meeting with your Labor Relations Mgr and Feeder Div Mgr and agreement on a Local Peak-Season Agreement as Art. 26.

    Our Local Union, in which I represent the Georgia District Feeder, did have a Local Peak-Season Agreement and that agreement mandated that all qualified feeder drivers shall perform feeder work begin Nov-Dec 24, if Mgment utilizes alternative means of transportation (Article 26). Also that same Article mandates that Feeder Mgment shall trained a sufficent number feeder drivers prior to useage of Sub-Contractors (Expedited, etc).

    If you need additional information call me Robert Wood (678-618-0999)