Feeders cut back


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Pay day cut down? You mean less hours? Less miles? Less o/t? Pay day a week late? Whadya mean?

Been on dis here for over a month but last time I worked, pay was in my bank (direct deposit) right on time. Nobody here that I know of has had their pay delayed either, in feeders, that is.


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I know our feeder department layed off a few drivers last week. I'm not in feeders, so I get this as second hand information, but I'm fairly certain it is true. From my understanding that is normal procedure for this time of year.
i belive there trying to cut back on our o/t, by posting planned day, and actually how long it takes us, i guess the saftey takes a backseat as long as there numbers look good, i take it the charts posted on the wall of shame for everyone to look at everyone else"s, for the competetion factor?


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We've been pretty steady here down south. None of our guys have lost legs (pulls) on their runs. O/T sitll abtainable pretty much. The vacation schedule is at a minimal until May, all of our extra's (drivers w/o bid runs) have gone back to pkgs until summer vacations schedules max out or someone goes on Comp. In fact, due to a higher number of accidents and mishaps in our district, we gain an extra 20-45 min of O/T a day in Habits Training along with our regular sched O/T. So I guess different areas of the country are effected independently by volume gains or losses.

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Feeder management is feeling the pressure in our district to "show" cuts, since the first of the year. So they've chosen to cut runs on Friday and tag that work onto other runs which results in those runs being so much longer, that when you figure the overtime, they may actually be paying more for the work getting done. But it sure must look good on paper cause they haven't stopped yet.


Over by me (Long Island) They haven't laid anyone off after peak besides the casuals.
In fact they added another sleeper run to Denver.


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Some of you mis understood me let me clarify, a 40hr work week in feeders, I am not complaining but just wondering around the coun try if you were getting overtime but now none, by the way this was all last year also not just during the slow periods.