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  1. TheKid99

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    I want to put my name on the list

    Is it posted all year or is it similar to pc bid process ?

    My ft sup lied he said i need a cdl and one year of driving experience and he'll put me on the list

    On the forum i see you can bid from pt with no experience if you have a clean driving record
  2. rod

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    lesson # 1----if their lips are moving .................................................
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  3. silenze

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    If you post what state you are in someone near you may have the answer
  4. that's how it is in central. Minus the part where you need a cdl
  5. McGee

    McGee Well-Known Member

    I think they are in central maybe Ohio or Michigan.
  6. brett636

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    If there is a list, sign it. I fell for that crap in 2005 and didn't sign up for feeders believing I wasn't qualified. Didn't get a chance to try again for 5 years...
  7. He's right!! Sign the damn list of Feeder is what you want. You don't need a CDL yet, and as long as you have one year safe driving before they call you for Feeder School
  8. superballs63

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    Question 1, No, the bid list should also say what date they will bring down the list.

    Question 2,That's not true everywhere, read what the bid list says are the requirements. If you meet said requirements, SIGN.