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    did u just find out about triples or what? i dont understand

    theres a reason its called the doubles/triples endorsement

    how bout this for a set of doubles



    and australia is crazy

  3. over9five

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    I don't know.....I'm thinking two pups is quite enough.
  4. Covemastah

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    3 would be fun going to White River Junction this winter Over lets try it!!!
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    I don't think so. Remember that time you had coming back with an empty from Vermont Teddy Bear!!!!
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    I often wonder how much different it is to pull a heavy set of triples compared to a heavy set of pups. How much harder would my CH Mack have to work.
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    It`s nice to see from the pics that the CACH yard isn`t the only place where guys just dump their dollys and leave.
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    No. Been pulling trips for 6 years........Just know that alot of guys don't get the chance to see em very often.........
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    That spare dolly is setup for tonites run. We put spares over on the edge of the property, but at the hub I run to there is that problem alot of times.........
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    You'd be looking at another 8500 for the pup and what another 15,000 for the freight? Had a buddy go thru the scales on his run Fri morning and weighed 99,960 lbs with doubles and he'd already dropped his back box at another center that was 100%.......Oh by the way he was ticketed for being 19,960 overweight...........
  11. cachsux

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    Weight, scmeight. Load `em till they`re full.
  12. over9five

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    Well, if you guys would use the scale provided for you at each facility.....
  13. cachsux

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    They won`t let us take it out of the feeder bathroom.
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    That one's usually broken anyhow.....
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    Too many overweight loads.
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    no, the problem is widespread. In addition, guys love dropping the whole set and leave it up to the shifters to break it down. I don't do that. I leave my tail in the spot , drag the front trailer with the dolly and put the dolly away and go back to the same area where I left my "kite"(back trailer) and deposit the front trailer
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    Most of the hubs I go to are having us leave the set together. They want us in and out. And a lot of times my outbound set is built to. Some of them are now even putting the front box and dollie in front of the back box that's still on the door being loaded. Makes me feel like a mileage driver.
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    TO THE CLOWN You have shown your true colors on this post. great thread.
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    LONG LOAD banners must not be required in the the mid-west....