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    So I am classified as a feeder employee working in skid clean out, our job relies on drivers or shifters bringing us trailers to clean out and thus there is a lot of down time after we complete the task. A hub manager keeps coming over to us and telling us that when we have no trailers that we need to be helping hub employees unload bulk trains and irregulars onto belts. Is this circumstance something that a grievance can be filed for? Are feeder employees meant to do hub employee work on top of their own? Any insight would be helpful.
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    UPS doesn't like to have employees sitting around doing nothing and getting paid. Unless you get better at hiding, you may just have to work as directed, as long as your hub work doesn't interfere with your feeder work. You need to talk to your feeder supervisor. Where I worked, feeders had bigger cujones than the hub. Your boss may just tell the hub manager to kick rocks.
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    Can it cause issues if we are doing work outside of our classification? What if we were to get injured while doing this?
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    Usually when you do other work, you code it out, so your time comes out of the hub's budget or feeders budget, depending on where you are working at the time. If you get injured on the job, it just comes out of big brown's pocket. I guess the department you are in is the one that gets charged for the injury.
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    WAD geez another whiner.
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    You should familiarize yourself with the term
    “Work as directed”
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    First off you are to Work As Directed (WAD). OR clean the trailers in more detail so you stay busy!
    More than likely he wants to use you for free and not code your work into his numbers! If you are not trained to do the work? Tell them this. If you like this job LEARN how to WORK AS DIRECTED!
    They absolutely cant stand when you do exactly as they preach!
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    What do you mean feeder employee? Are you a driver or are you an employee that works on the pallet dock as a 22.3, cleaning out feeder trailers? Here when we are on a shift job and they want us to bring a trailer to the pallet dock to be cleaned, if there is no one working on the dock at that time we sit there. Feeder drivers don’t clean trailers unless it is a trailer that they are taking on the road to a CPU. No other circumstance does a feeder driver clean out trailers.
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    It is not a combo job, we only work at the skid pile for the entire shift waiting for trailers to be sent by yard control or brought by drivers, cleaning them out, and calling them in when finished. Also loading skid stacks into a kamps trailers. We are still classified as feeders as well as paid by them.
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    You have to make sure that the work you are being moved to do interferes with the work you are suppose to be doing (even if its not). That way your main boss will tell those other Goobers to F off. I've been down that route before. Bosses don't like other bosses messing with their meat.
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    When your main job needs you for something, and you're off doing the other job, that's when the boss starts making phone calls. Usually that's all it takes. I used to have a TA in Lake Charles where I had about an hour dead time. The manager called feeders and got the them to get me to do CS (put smalls in bags.) All you have to do is slow down the other people around you and they say "just go sit in your tractor till we're done."
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    I appreciate the feedback, I'll give them a try and see what happens.
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    Do you make feeder pay doing this?
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    We have guys doing that who report to feeder department management but they're part time.

    Sometimes when the lowest feeder drivers don't have work they'll have them do that before laying them off. The part time guys end up back in the building in that situation.
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    Sounds like their hours are billed to feeder but they are PT hub/building workers.

    Just like our air drivers. They might take air or shuttle air and be billed to a center but they are PT building employees.