Female driver apperance?

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    Hey everyone, 25 year old female here. So, i am thinking about applying for a package handler driving position. I have a class a cdl with 3 months otr experience and a valid dot physical card. Verifiable 10 years of solid work experience, mainly in customer service but i was wondering what a driver position is like. I don't mind the physical demands but i am wondering what the uniform is for females, hours and if anyone knows about tattoos. I have one visible behind my ear, not visible with my hair down however. I cant find the apperance standards anywhere, ugh!! Thanks :happy-very:
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    No tattoos can be visible. Hair longer than shoulder length must be up.

    Don't know what a package handler driving position is. Package handler is an inside PT job. Most people start off there. It will take you several years(depending on location) to get a driving job; as many as 10+ yrs in some areas.
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    Are you applying as SEASONAL help? If so, you could probably get a tractor trailer driving job immediately.

    Tattoo won't matter. Cover it with your hair for the interview.

    You've seen UPS uniforms, they're the same for women. Supplied to you at no charge!

    Hours are all over the place.

    Good luck!
  4. Cementups

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    A lot of us have been here for many years and couldn't tell you what they are either since they change them at their own discretion whenever they want.
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    Female drivers must adhere to these uniform standards:

    Tight, formfitting shorts or slacks, brown in color.
    Tight, formfitting button shirt or tank top, brown in color.
    Black polished biker boots.
    Black polished studded leather belt.

    Failure to meet these requirements will result in disciplinary action and/or termination.
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    You and I are two way different people.. LOL. At least in terms of accessories. ha ha
  7. Jackburton

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    I'll need a picture posted to make an accurate assessment on the type of dress code you should adhere to.
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    Done and done...lol
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    7 posts to derail. Damn, I had the under on that bet.
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    Well now, the responses so far certainly have gone a long way to show intelligence and how to be genuinely helpful.

    To the OP: If I had your driver training, I'd try getting hired as a feeder driver. Very tough jobs to get because those who have them keep them until they retire. But a lot more money.
  11. bleedinbrown58

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    I'm just an overpaid package monkey.....But your thread on sitting at home waiting for ups to call you to work was absolutely riveting!! Two thumbs up....it oozed intelligence! I can't wait for the sequel on Dec 25th.... Returning My Browns.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    ​you forgot clean shaven
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    ​I wear this on Friday nights.
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    Sorry, i didnt mean package handler driver, i meant a driver...they are hiring near me for drivers, but i also have heard that they only hire from within. I have an interview on thursday so i will see what they say. Thank you!!
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    Yes, seasonal help only. Thank you for the response!
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    MEOW!! Hahah, i wish!
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    Hahaha, y'all are crazy!! I'm glad i started here with my search!!!
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    Do wear chaps also?
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    Not as often as I use to. I hate having to shave my butt.
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    Same as male appearance.