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    I went back to the UPS branch to pick up my uniform and was told that they only had men's pants and jackets. While the jacket is wearable, the pants do not fit well at all, especially lengthwise. I can easily pin them up with safety pins, but HR said that I needed to hem them. Because I can't sew, I now have to pay to have them hemmed and altered, which no male driver helpers will have to do. I know it seems petty, but I was wondering if this typical and if they only ever have men's uniforms?
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    Buy a needle and thread (a couple of bucks at the dollar store) -tack them up. It ain't rocket science. Improvise-adapt- overcome

    HeartBreak - YouTube
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    Don't wear them. Wear jeans that do not have holes and are not worn out. Our helpers only get jackets, been that way for at least 4-5 years.
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    Thanks barnyard!
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    Yup, don't pay for anything! I would take a stapler and staple them up.

    But Barnyard's right. There's a female helper on the route that does my house, and she wears jeans.
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    Barnyard speaks for his area. IF they issue you pants, they intend for you to wear them. Not all areas issue pants.

    That being said, it is the companies responsibility to see to it uniforms fit safely, and a pair of pants that are too long are a tripping hazzard.

    So, you are left with what to do. I would roll them up and staple them as was suggested by 9.5, I would not alter the pants beyond that. I would also not wear personal clothes, as if they get damaged during the day, its your dime. But if you want to wear your own personal jeans, clear it with management. But stress that the issue is one of safety. Let them make the call.

    So roll them up, staple the crap out of them and work safe.

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    your lucky you got uniforms be happy
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    Rocket, she is happy, its a safety issue. Nothing like catching your pant cuff on the steps of the package car on your way out. Hurts like hell. In other situations, could be deadly.

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    Take a picture of yourself with the pants on and post it here. We will tell you how you look.
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    My helper got a jacket before me !
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    Hey Lakeland--- Where is that uniform?
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    The best way to "hem" pants if you cant sew is to use duct tape. It works way better than staples. Turn your pants inside out, put them on, roll the legs up to the desired length, run a strip of duct tape around each leg, take them off and then turn them back right side out and they are ready to wear.

    My last 3 helpers have all been females and all of them had issues with the uniform pants not fitting properly. I told them not to worry about it and to go ahead and wear a decent pair of clean jeans or khaki slacks instead. HR might say that the uniform pants are "required" but once the helper is out on car with me, I am the boss and as far as I am concerned a UPS coat and hat are good enough. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the drivers out there feel the same way, we have much more important things to worry about during peak then being the uniform police. If you show up on time and ready to work, your driver isnt going to care whether you are wearing uniform pants or not.
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    Does anyone else remember the post from the woman helper about how her driver would not let her take bathroom breaks???

    That was some funny stuff.
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    Yes indeed, if you are a good female helper please come to work without those pants.
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    Today she has uniform pants.