Female Firefighter Fired For Social Media Pictures.

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Whatdya think fellas? I say she should keep it, but I may be biased. I would like to be suffocated by her booty, plus shes a paramedic so she could revive me! Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa. *rimshot here*


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Eh, wrong section of the forums, unless she works at UPS as well?

I don't have an insta account either, so can't reply just yet.

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Put your glasses on. Everyone else can see it.

Here I'll post it again.

See it now?


Is this a UPS issue? If mods are deleting pix, they can also move this to current events, yas?

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#1 - Uniform
#2 - Social media "influencer", which ties into #1
#3 - Sold stuff as a "Firefighter".

Pritchard said she continued to post her usual content on her Instagram page, which she also received money for paid sponsorships. Tensions with department leadership continued, however, after she began selling “Firefight Like a Girl” T-shirts on her fitness website.

In other words, trying to use the department logo to sell stuff and wouldn't take it down when asked. She whined about other guys putting themselves in uniform on social media but I hope they weren't also doing 2 and 3 above, which is where the real problem lies.


You aren’t missing anything. It’s just a skank with too much junk in the trunk and lips that look like she has been making out with a shop-vac. I don’t know why it’s being deleted either other than the fact all the mods gay