Female Package Handler?

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  1. ups_wifey

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    I'm considering employment with UPS as a part-time Package Handler. I know most of the PHs are male and I'm curious to see what kind of advice current UPS employees would give me. I'm a fit girl so the physical demands of the job aren't in question, it's more of the environment. Would you be OK with your wife/sister/daughter working there? (I know the environment depends primarily upon the people and specific hub, so this is just a general question.)

  2. over9five

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    We have plenty of women package handlers. You'll be fine if you can handle hearing an occasional f bomb!
  3. Indecisi0n

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    Female package handler....

    I could do so much with that but I'll leave it alone.
  4. over9five

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    F bombs and comments like that....!
  5. UnsurePost

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    To answer the question, no.
  6. ups_wifey

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    Yeah... I thought of that as I was typing it, but decided to steer clear. LOL
  7. ups_wifey

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    Why not?
  8. I would let my wife work there just becasue its a great job and the fact that she could stay in shape easily with the work she would do (no time for gym with the hours we work and a little one running around ) Main thing you will have to deal with will be guys flirting with you and you may hear a lot of guys talking about sex , and like an above poster said , harsh language . If you can take all that and can deal with coming out of work sweaty and stinky then you should be a valuable asset !
  9. curiousbrain

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    And the inevitable sexual harassment from certain management members; unfortunate, but probably a reality to be considered.
  10. packageguy

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    It sounds like you can handle yourself, All I says is stay away from rift raff, there are some real ass***es om preload. As I am in my truck I CAN NOT BELIEVE what I HEAR. tHERE IS NO SHAME.
  11. rod

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    If I could have got my wife to work at UPS then I would have quit and she could have been the bread winner----it wouldn't of bothered me at all to sit around the house and eat bon bons all day.

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    I've worked there for 11 years and being a woman there isn't a big deal....yes you get the inappropriate talk and the bad language but if you can't handle stuff like that then the job isn't going to be comfortable
  13. Anonymous 10

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    I would get married to a doctor and stay home have kids and have him pay you exclusively to handle his package. If you work it out right you will only have to handle it every two weeks.
  14. Kis124

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    a lot of the people who work in the preload at my hub are female. (as am I) The pretty ones get talked to a lot, and about...but the harassment is minimal. I have actually told my daughter I would like her to work at UPS when she gets out of high school.
  15. cachsux

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    The vast majority of what happens for the most part is what one allows to happen. Make it known that you're there to do a job and are not one to be f'ed with right off the bat and things will be fine.
  16. Necropostophiliac

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    Shame that the new worker has to state what is their standard to begin with.
  17. NI3

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    I guess females don't get hassled as much as guys.

    The PT supes love dropping F bombs here.
    Occasional? No, its every chance they get. faster, not fast enough, fast
    faster faster ;faster.
  18. Jackburton

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    To quote the scholar and gentleman, anonymous, "Are you hot"?
  19. SmithBarney

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    Tell you what we had a few ladies on the preload, and they were incredible loaders
    a few had been around awhile, but they always had the best loads, and could remember
    streets like no other.
    Now with PAS I suppose it is even easier and these skills aren't needed. If I could convince my wife
    to do it, I'd let her... super workout, and if you take issue with the foul language early, it'll cease.
    nobody man or woman has to work in an environment like that.
  20. brownmonster

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    The language the female factory workers around here use could put a drunkin sailor to shame.