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    I'm a package handler who recently put in for air driver. If I take medication thatwould be a concern, but I don't need to take it every day, wouldn't ever take it the day before or day of driving, and it would be fully metabolized by the time I needed to drive, do I still need to disclose it? Let's say someone with insomnia was prescribed Ambien and told to take it "as needed", or with ADD was prescribed Ritalin but only took it on days that they had classes or were studying, would it be necessary to tell UPS about it? Would they deny someone the position for this reason? What would be the consequences for not disclosing this? What are my responsibilities if I am not taking any medication now but, after becoming an air driver, I receive a prescription as I previously described?

    Also, if I become an air driver but then get a job during the week that requires me to quit my job as a package handler, can I still be an air driver and retain my health care benefits?
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    When you take this medication, does it effect your driving. I am not a doctor, you would have ask your doctor. I do know someone who can not get a dot card because of the medication he is on. Good luck
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    If you win the air driver bid, you are no longer a package handler, so you would drive either in the morning or evening, depending on what you bid on. You could work 2 more jobs so long as you show up to work on time and work
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    Disclose all of your medications at the time of your dot physical. Your doctor I'll know if it's ok and will either pass you or not. Don't disclose your personal medical information to ups it's not there business. It's between you and the doctor.
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    DOT Doctor...and UPS, don't have a working relationship (partnership)............hmmmmmmm. I think not.
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    It could be a PT Air driver or Sat Air driver job.
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    No you either work for UPS or not. I would take it the Air driver job is a PT/ cover position. You can't say now that I got the PT Air driver gig I don't want to work the preload any more I only want to work when they need me to Deliver Air. It doesn't work that way...