Final process in training for full time drive position..taking forever!

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    I was hired 3 1/2 weeks ago as Full Time Driver (with no UPS experience). I know that I am lucky to get the opportunity. It took a weeks worth of classroom test along with 16 others from all around. Went on a intense ride along (passed with flying colors), did the eye driving test (passed with flying colors) and I also passed the final exam (lots of memorization). Now I am told that the last step of training is to have a supervisor ride along with me on a real delivery route. The HR contact told me that this is the long drawn out part...that the supervisors hate doing these drive-alongs because they are used to being in the office and procrastinate. I have been waiting a full week to a schedule date...does it always take this long? I need to work and need a check. Now I have a full week without any training pay.
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    Ask them if you can unload trucks,while waiting for your turn to drive.

    The sups got their hands full, right now.
    Alot of new hires have been put on this year.
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    And welcome to Brown Cafe.
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    Wait till they start sending you home twice a week...till peak starts. Welcome to UPS!