Final UPS DC-8 flight lands at Louisville International Airport

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    Final UPS DC-8 flight lands at Louisville International Airport - Business First

    The plane received a water cannon tribute as it rolled down the runway.

    UPS Airlines, the Louisville-based division of Atlanta-based shipping giant United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS), last month made the decision to retire its fleet of 44 DC-8s as part of a cost-cutting initiative.

    The DC-8 largely has become a model of the past as airlines shift to larger, more efficient aircraft. Of the 556 originally produced, only 97 remain in service following the retirement of UPS’s fleet, the company said in a fact sheet.
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    the "water canon" is a piece of fire fighting equipment owned by the airport authority... ups probably just asked for its use as a courtesy. considering how much we pay in landing rights at sdf, how could they say no... that is, for all practical purposes, ups' fire fighting equipment.

    and even if the airport authority charged us for its use, it would be a fraction of a drop in the bucket of money spent around that place....
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    Not nearly as much as the stupid photo shoot over Manhattan.

    Water cannon tributes are fairly common and relatively inexpensive.
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    An airframes last revenue flight/ a pilots last flight before before retiring generally get them, Id imagine most of them are free its relatively easy set up and it gets the equipmented run amd tested which they would do anyway
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    They will retire a DC-8 yet they will continue to beat the crap out of drivers with 25 year old package cars that lack power steering and 3-point seat belts. Give me a break.