Finally start full time package car on Tuesday...

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  1. sortaisle

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    I'm sure many will offer their condolences. I know what I'm getting myself into as I've done many a route cold as a utility driver. I think the only thing that's going to change is instead of "thanks for the help" it's going to be "WTF happened out there?! Bring your numbers up!" I'm pretty relaxed and I've known the on car and center managers for years and they're very fair. With all that being said, I'm still a little jittery about starting. For those of you who've been there done that, how did you cope with the first day jitters? I'm interested. My plan involves a bottle of Jack. I may add a Coke with it.
  2. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    good luck my friend.........I was dumped on my 1st bid route, without any guidance...about 25 yrs. ago,'ll figure it out....Good Luck
  3. Buck Fifty

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    1 stop at a time. Thats how i did it. Youll be fine.
  4. balland chain

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    You will be fine, just do the job the way you are trained, take meal, take break, don't have an accident,, repeat ....When I started way back when we went out with a pad of paper to sheet the packages, I paid attention to the run, did my best to get area knowledge, and where the business' prefer their deliveries.. If you are having problems remembering the area, take a ride in your car on the weekend and drive the area..I know that sounds kinda like a suck up, but 26 years ago, we had to run scratch and have no accidents during those first 30 days, so I did what I had to do to get the job..if you are unsure about anything ask..the senior drivers have the best knowledge about the runs and the customers habits, etc.. GL
  5. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    Haha...thanks fellas, I'm not worried about learning the area as I've delivered to lots of the businesses as a Saturday driver and as a utility driver. It's more along the lines of how do you cope with the jitters. Thanks though for the insights! I appreciate it!
  6. TooTechie

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    I had no jitters really because I went on an unpaid leave of absence from my full time job during the first month of my 30 business days so if I washed out, I would just think it was meant to be and go back to the 2 jobs. My "jitters" started when my unpaid leave ran out at my old job & I had to resign. I was super nervous for the remainder of my 30 working days until I made book.
  7. Scottyhawk

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    Take a deep breath and do the job by the methods. And make sure you know the DOK backwards and forwards
  8. Indecisi0n

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    There wont be time to jitters once you get out there.
  9. pickup

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    Your answer to coping with the jitters is found in your first sentence. You've done this already. You know how to drive, how to use the diad, and you know the area. You're going to do just fine. Those jitters will start getting smaller the moment you leave the facility. (Just don't hit the yellow poles on the way out). When you get the first stop off, you'll feel even better. By the end of the third stop, you'll say to yourself "what was I worried about?"

    You're going to do great out there.
  10. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    They've definitely gone down since I was first told. At first every little road block seemed like it was reason to wait a little longer. Those went away, so now it's dreading being sore as hell after the first few weeks. It's a heavy industrial training route that has a lot of hand cart stops...the bane of my existence. But taking on my weak spot while I'm all go get it is probably the best thing for me. At least there's not as much up and down. Although I'd rather have a resi route with 180-200 stops. I'd prefer not to have to break from resi's to start a pickup route. I can do 20-25 stops an hour in the resi neighborhoods pretty easy without running em off. Gonna be a long day and night today though!
  11. ibleedbrown

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    congrats and good luck, let us know how ur day went! make that $$$!!!! did u have to go to integrad?
  12. BCFan

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    What part of Russia is Intergrad located?......BC
  13. ibleedbrown

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    i believe its in the gulag in siberia! i will find out next week, i have a 1 week sentence in the camp. if i make it through, i too will be joining in the trenches!!
  14. Coldworld

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    Something to remember, keep the personal time with customers to a minimum, but do not be pushy with customers to hurry them up...I did that with some customers on my training route and they didn't appreciate it or did they forget. When I did that route for next couple of years some of those same customers drug their heals and treated me fairly poorly. The sups will try to push you along....don't be pushy toward customers....they WILL notice....
  15. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream integrad. I was actually trained...6 years ago...maybe 7....whenever, but no integrad for me. I've done utility and Saturday since then so all my training is up to date. I'm glad I don't have to go back to that class again...but I imagine I'll get paid 40hrs to take a nap then...hmmm....
  16. toonertoo

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    Having the area knowledge is a big +. The other day I had a split of 35 stops, and didn't know where anything was. Then I remembered, breathe in---- breathe out. I do not recommend skipping anything, no one does take all their breaks until they are qualified. Then you take them however you want. My suggestion for what its worth, take them in increments such as 10 min at a time, if you stop for a half hour, your body is gonna say, uh-uh. Im done. And don't plan on anything else for your first 30. Lots of rest, when you get home. No late nites, no commitments. Its only 30 days, Right now this is your ticket, and you have to give it all up for it. You will later also, but right now its imperative you be at your best, every day. JMHO
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    what she said
  18. Przemeknj

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    Come in early and sort your truck. Do not forget to organize your truck during lunch. One week into the route you should be scratching. Make sure you ask how you did the previous day, that will show them you care. Get as many signatures as you can that will help your time. If you follow the methods during your 30 days you will not make it... GL.
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    What he said...

    Not what he said...