Finally wrote down my hours for this week and I'm short 25 mins

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BruisedLegs, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Who do I talk too? I can't imagine all my other paychecks that have been short. Why don't they allow you to see your timecard online? And how is it short anyway? I asked this supervisor how they do timecards and he told me all they have to do is click "accept". So I'm thinking they purposely dock pay somehow? Either way I'm :censored2: off. I'm not at a desk I'm actually loading heavy packages and should be paid accordingly.
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    Who do you talk to? Your immediate supervisor. You have proof? That is, that you are short? How do you know? You keep your own log?

    Why don't they allow you to view your timecard online? To put it simply, they're not that advanced yet. Really. It may or may not be coming. Or it could be that is part of privacy issues.

    How is it short? A number of ways. But, whatever is spit out on that computer is only as accurate as what's spit into it.

    Purposely dock pay? I don't think so. I found many discrepancies when I was working. They were all legitimate mistakes. Maybe the 'puter glitched but most of the time it was because of a clerk's wrong keystroke or similar.

    Talk to your supervisor. If that don't work, talk to a higher up. If that don't work, talk to a stweard. If none of this works, file for the bad time. If you do not get it in a timely manner, you are awarded penalty pay. But, again, what can you prove? Have all your ducks in a row. And stay calm.
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    I write down when I punch in and out.
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    Double check your math and then take your logs and your paystub to your full time supervisor
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    Seems like a simple solution? Just ask your supervisor to print out your timecard.

    The systems keep track of any edits. You should be able to see the original and any edit they did.
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    Are you sure your are short ?? You have to covert Minutes to Decimal Hours . If your short see the FT SUP monday and tell them you have a question about the hours your work you where shorted. It only takes a couple of minutes to look on the computer at what days you worked what hours.
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    your swipe in and out time have to be validated in gts(global timecard system),where they can be long have you worked at ups,i mean ups is always shorting peoples time,sometimes on purpose sometimes by your post i will assume you are fairly new,so here are some things to watch for,your sup tells you the sort starts at 11 but fails to tell you that you dont start until 11:05, now thats just five minutes but thats 25 minutes a week.if you work in the outbound this probably explains your shortage,in the outbound loaders dont start until five minutes after the sort start time.another common trick is to clock you out when your still working like when your putting your load retainer on and logging your scanner out thats another 5 minutes.NEWS FLASH,UPS SCREWS PEOPLE OUT OF TIME AND GETS AWAY IT.
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    dont be nieve,ups shorts people all the time,everyday.the thing is they only do it to new people who dont know any better and in the hub with all the turnover thats most poeple.
  10. UnsurePost

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    That is incorrect.

    THe new pay system is a shell game with your money and they short pretty much everyone.

    The game: They will short you overtime one week, or time bonuses, then promise you in the next check to give you retro. In the next check you may get extra pay, but it's not overtime, so you lose there.

    WHat happens is, it becomes so muddy where you actually lost money and how much the company owes you, they hope you won't file a grievance and say "fine thats enough"

    In our hub, they're shorting everyone. It's not the FT supervisor shorting (the one who inputs/moves over the time information), it's the sort manager who actually has to go in and verify and approve the time cards. He/She is the one responsible.

    I have caught FT sups previously shorting my time card and basically "hard their job" for it and one was totally honest with me about why it's short. It isn't the person putting in the hours, though they're the scapegoat.
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    It sucks How we as an employee have to write down the hours we worked for the week I remember when I used to work at many different jobs b4 UPS, I NEVER EVER GOT ANY HOURS TAKEN AWAY. Sups will tell you every excuse on the book to why your missing hours but if I were you i would grieve it or go to HR and tell them your sitiation I had sups admit to me why they dont pay us OT and Ground pay, its ashame ups does this to there hard working employees!! I had pne time knew an air driver that he would ALWays get his hours messed with one holiday season they took away 22 hours out his check when he worked 55 hours that one week!
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    I have approved hundreds of timecards. I have investigated many instances of employees claiming to have been shorted hours or pay rates. Sometimes the error was on UPS part. Sometimes the error was actually the employees.
    I have never "taken away hours" from a timecard or changed OT (I actually have no way of doing that in the system).

    So some evil sups "Took away" 22 hours from a weekly paycheck? In any operation I have worked in, that would be an outstanding way for a management person to become an unemployed person. Not buying it.
  13. pretzel_man

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    Every single edit is recorded. Its available for audit at any time.

    If you found a supervisor altering a timecard to short you pay, that supervisor should be fired.

    Again, this is easy to check. Just ask for a copy of the timecard. Ask to see any edits. As BrownIEMan said, there is no way to alter a timecard and hide that.
  14. UnsurePost

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    Management are threatening to not show ORs here to people with hours missing. It's a dangerous game.

    20 min time bonus for over 10 hours are not being paid. Accountability is easily avoided because all the sup needs to say is "I forgot".

    This is nothing new at UPS, but it becomes glaring this time of year when the company is absolutely crunching for the best numbers before the end of the 4th Q. Sad excuse for a world class company in our neck of the woods.
  15. UnsurePost

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    You not only shift the blame onto the employee, you have the audacity to be condencending about it and even imply they are lying. Merry Christmas!
  16. kingOFchester

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    This is fact.....but I am just an annonymous fictitios name on the world wide web so take it with a grain of salt.

    I know that a LOT of the preloaders were getting cheated on their paychecks.
    I have always been diligent in keeping track of time worked, here or any where I have worked......kind of anal about paperwork and numbers.
    We clocked in at a "time station". You would input ID then clock in or out.
    Our start time for Mondays was 20 minutes later then the rest of the week. 4:50 rather then 4:30.
    When I clocked in every morning the time clock ALWAYS had a "start" time of 4:50. So when I clocked in at 4:30 I was not getting paid until my "start" time according to the "time clock". I brought it up to my supervisors and spent a LOT of MY time trying to A get the clock fixed and B to get back pay. I did give up on some of the back pay because it got sooooo complicated and it was near impossible to figure out as they were trying to add time to the new week from previous weeks with the clock still being screwed up. I asked alamost everyone on my slide and they 2 began to notice that when they clocked in that their start time was not the start time they were instructed to start. The way the clock worked you DID NOT get paid until the start time that was previosly inputed into the system. They did get my start time fixed aftre about a month, but I do know that other were not so lucky as they did not pursue or some didn't even understand.

    These clocks have since been done away with as I see the preloaders walking up to a computer now to clock in and out. This was only a few years agao.
  17. UPSGUY72

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    Get a pocket calendar and keep track of when you punch in and out EVERYDAY so you have a log history. When they short you you can pull out your log and show your SUP you keep track and they will be on notice that they shouldn't be stealing your time. Keep track of everything if call in note that if your sick note that too have a complete record. If they keep stealing time file a grievance.
  18. brownIEman

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    I suppose you are correct, I do shift the blame onto the employee. When I fully investigate a claim that an employee of mine was underpaid, and I discover that the employee actually made a calculation error in their own tracking of their hours and they were not underpaid, I guess I do shift the blame onto the employee. I always do it in a polite and professional way.

    You will notice that when I find the error was on UPS' part, that is were I put the blame.

    The fact that you find that condescending and audacious make me wonder, what would you do?
    If you found out the error was on the part of the employee would you still place the blame on UPS management?

    Or were you just intentionally misinterpreting my post to fit your moral agenda?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I find it hard to believe that there was 22 hour shortage on his check. That is a 40% shortage.
  20. kingOFchester

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