Finance presentation at Sunday NMA reading for SFBayArea hourlies

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    For those of you who attended this contract reading did you believe the financials that the (analyst) in video gave as far as UPS losing profit margin year after year to all other carriers?
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    Yes, profit margin goes down when you buy $2.1 billion Coyote Logistics, another $2+ billion in buildings in the states and another $billion+ in new building overseas!

    Did anyone bother to ask about the 20% raise upper management received, the 10%+ raise in dividends all management received as part of their bonus'?
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    How does one lose profit margin to another carrier?

    I think what you mean is that ups is losing its share of the volume. Like say in 1980 we delivered 80% of all small parcel volume and now we deliver 40%.

    Yes our piece of the pie has been shrinking for awhile. But the overall size of the pie has been increasing. Therefore overall volume numbers are up.

    Ups can barely handle the volume we have now. That's why they are spending billions on hub expansions.
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    Part 1 video.
  5. TheDick

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    Part2 since alotta people are questioning this ladies POV.
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    Absolutely. I am glad my area is not that corrupt.
    Brownslave is right on the money: It does not matter much that we are bleeding a bit to the competition when package demand (and freight demand even more) have been going up for... ever.
    The revenue got eaten up by spending by the company, they are essentially sweeping money under the mattress.

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    Most of her comments has nothing to do with this flaws in this Master and Supplements, and I DO NOT appreciate her downgrading the intelligence of the average rank and file of our Union. I still question who she is representing with her comments (Union or Company).

    If she really wants to financially explain why this contract should be ratified, she should get on this site and start the debates and really answer our questions or concerns. I personally have many that over the last 20 years have been ignored and answered with misinformation from both sides. Am I alone on that?

    Most of that Trump Tax break surplus went into their Company Controlled Pension Trusts. The three major ones are the (UPS Retirement Plan) for high salaried management employees, (The IBT/UPS Pension Plan) that covers the Union full timers in the Central and South, and (The UPS Pension Plan) for Part timers also in the Central and South.

    The over the required annual contributions into the UPS Retirement Plan was to help cover the costs for the current "Transformation Project" with the buy outs for those who were close to retirement in operations outside package operations. I do not how much of those monetary contributions went into those three company controlled Pension Trusts, but I have a suspicion that most of it went into the Management's trust.

    The growth in internet sells will continue and will expand for all the common carriers. Any loss of volume will be due to mismanagement or poor decision making on the highest levels on the corporate level. Their futile effort of pinning it on the Union Employees is nothing but a scam. The monetary savings of them continuing to cut Middle Management and the elimination of their payments into the "UPS Retirement Plan" in 2023 should be enough to correct the injustices with the way they have treated their Union Employees over the decades.

    This "tentative contract" just does not do it. Vote "NO" and kick it back to the table or walk. " Choose Wisely "..

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    Yeah, that worked well for Tony Q
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    She graduated from Georgetown University....

    Summa Cum Laude.


    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    I bet she was not even born when I started with this Company. Enron had some pretty intelligent people also, look where it got them.

    I do not claim of graduating from a major university with a business degree. I have four years of college as most of us who started in the "70's" and "80's", my worth is not established by how many degrees I have or how I respond on this site. C.S. Lewis I am not, neither is she.
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    Don't forget the 1 billion and climbing spent on the fabulous thing called ORION.
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    Sure isn’t much concern shown at the corporate offices about this. They continue to take huge raises every year.
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    How much is the salary of all our IE people. They don’t do anything so we could save a lot of money cutting those jobs.
  14. She said her name was Jamie Fleming not Summa Cum Loudly.

    Maybe that was her name in latin.
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    She is representing the union and the company. Both ups and the teamsters are pushing for this contract to pass.

    That's a red flag for me.
  16. sandwich

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    Also I hate the fact that the union keeps saying people are on here telling others to vote no for "political reasons". No. It's clearly because *as long as work is available is now in the contract and the 22.4 scam.

    The only people on here for "political reasons" are the people trying to tell us to vote yes. People like Tony Q, fit bit app and brown recycler.