Finish this sentence : I am so thankful that I _____________________________

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    I am so thankful that I chose to become a 22.3 employee .I am currently a shifter/inside hub classification employee . After 13 years part-time at a large hub ( Whites Creek) , at that , a large feeder operation . I have worked package ( 6 months) , and passed over feeders twice . Seems like all feeders drivers question "When you coming over here ??" , is the question sincere or more of a put-down ? . I feel as if it is a negative question because #1 most of the people that ask do not know me enough to know about my finanices , my gut feeling is the ONLY reason to go to feeder from combo is for the money . #2 , I as a steward (in both the hub and feeders/shifting operation) see all the bullcrap that all employees from top (feeders),(package) to bottom ,no offense,(part-time hub)have to endure . I have been combo since 2006 and sitting pretty comfy in my classification in regards to seniorty (where as vacation picks and overtime are my priorties). I cant imagine all the crap ( crap being an understatement) that a package car driver (of any sort ,tcd,pttcd,ft etc.,etc.) endures , from number of stops to methods(telematics) , over supervision, etc.,etc. on a daily basis . Dont get me wrong I know the pay is higher in package and feeder , but the amount of bullshyt (especially from package) is beyond me . My goal at this point is full time shifting , which I believe is a highly coveted postion at my facility . Its no secret the hourly wage is right up there with feeder and package pay , and tye amount of B.S. that one has to endure is minimal , which to me makes more sense . This is just my personnal belief from all that I have seen from a steward and combo employee . Rhanks for any and all comments and no disrespect to any position of any of you guys . We are one , and its up to us to inform each other and by informing each other we can change things together .
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    ...have a job which has allowed me to provide for my family and will afford me a secure retirement free from financial worry.
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    Quit/got canned at UPS so now I can be in a profession that truly is all about the me.:happy-very:
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    Ill meet you there...
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    do not live above my means and i am able to live comfortably on my article 22 salary!!

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    Will you fellas be diapering each other?
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    I love being powdered.
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    Gold Bond or Johnson and Johnson?
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    J&J feels better.
  10. have Saturday and Sundays off.
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    i'm selling some on eBay right now as a side business! cheaper than wholesalers... PM me if you can get me lower shipping rates!:thumbup:
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    You're selling used diapers on e-Bay?:sick:
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    I could so go for a bubble bath. Upstate you busy?
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    learned early in life walls of text blind even small animals.
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    ...I woke up again today.
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    Have brown cafe, and read what's going on around the country. thanks guys
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    I am so thankful that I met UpstateNYUPSer.

    Never have I seen a member control the will of moderation to the degree this guy does. Really, he is a mod without the title. Do you mods instantly delete all threads and forum posts that oppose the entity "UpstateNYUPSer"? Are administrations inbox's filled to the brim with messages requesting which posts he would like edited, moved or destroyed?
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    I am so thankful that I am regular. Could not imagine doing this job and having the urge to make pooh during my work day.
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    KOC, when you get a bit older you will find that your body seems to know when there is a restroom nearby.
  20. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Gorilla, if there were more 22.3 jobs, you can bet your ass Daddy would be putting the hammer down on you guys. It's a number game. I'm in Feeders, been back here for a year and a half. Last week they explained to us how the new telematics would work. Real-time satellite pictures, watching our drive path, etc. They also bother us daily about over-allowed, just like package car. Why? Because of the number of drivers we have. Don't get to comfy, they'll get to you guys eventually. Just do things by the book, don't rush and don't get intimidated.