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    Question for all you brown veterans on this site. I'm new to ups today will be my last day of training. This is also my first Union job, my question is I know I'm going to the load belt to start and that's perfectly fine. But my goal is to be a package delivery driver. How do I go about doing so? My hub is hiring drivers right now I'm willing to work in the trailer loading for as long as it takes before I can advance I just want to know if there is a path I can go down to put me on the fast track?
    Thanks all!

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  2. Gumby

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    Its all based on seniority. work hard,dont get any tickets or into any accidents.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    One of the first lessons you will learn working in a union shop is that there is no fast track to anything as everything is done by seniority. That being said, show up, bust your butt and sign every single bid sheet that is posted (ask your co-workers where the bid sheets are posted). You are coming on board at an opportune time as we are hiring at a pace not seen in many years.
  4. Johnnybrown90

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    Awesome thank you guys. That's another new one to me "bid sheets" I'll have to ask around and put my name on that illusive list.

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  5. greengrenades

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    Sign bid sheets. Sign everything that comes out. You would be surprised at how many people stay in load or unload for years because they are to stupid or lazy to go sign a bid sheet. SIGN EVERYTHING. Even if you don't want the thing sign it and turn it down later. I had a friend he was with UPS for 7 years in load, on the same exact sort and I saw him walking out the other day and he had resigned because he wasn't going anywhere, I wanted to knock his lights out. You are going to have to keep up with the bid sheets, the supervisors will not tell you if they are out, and never trust one to let you know when they come out. Figure out where they are put out and go check weekly.