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    Near the end of the shift, the fire alarm went off (I didn't know it was a drill at the time, seeing ours is usually held on feb 13th). Anyway, I walked out of the building, made it almost half way when a supervisor looked at me all shocked and said, "going somewhere"? I said, yes, I'm leaving the building do to a fire alarm. They said it was only for the drivers to leave, not the pre-load. Needless to say, I felt a little odd loading up package cars, with the fire alarm going off in the background. Is that even legal? Have two different fire drills, one for the pre-loaders and one for the drivers? I only say that, because in the past, it was both tied together. Just curious to see if that happens anywhere else or if they are trying something new.
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    I would call OSHA.
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    I appreciate the response, thanks!
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    Us mechanics are frequently excluded. Not to worry....I have the means to make my own doorway.:wink2:
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    The only problem I see is that the OP received zero communication from his management team prior to the fire alarm going off.
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    When we have one everyone leaves.
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    When we have one that is just for the drivers the preload sups will tell all of the loaders what is going on and not to leave their load positions.
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    Thanks for the reminder on fire drills. Think I will partake in one in my satellite center tomorrow morning.
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    In our building, if the alarm sounds, EVERY employee evacuates the building. Everyone!!
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    Shouldn't a drill be as close to the real thing as possible? In a real fire you're not gonna have some people leaving and some staying. Seems dumb to me.
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    Still pretty dumb what if, by a rare chance, there was a fire and everyone continued to work because they thought it was a drill.. The alarm goes off everyone should leave, period.
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    Ours is a very small building---if it were an actual emergency it would not be difficult to let everyone know.
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    It is my opinion, as others have also shared, the important issue here is advanced communication.

    I believe advance communication is critical, allowable and safe.

    The message communicated should include the following:

    Shortly you will hear the evacuation alarm.

    This is for a evacuation drill training for another work group. For this drill you can remain in your work area.

    In the event that the evacuation drill sounds at other times you are to evacuate immediately according to UPS Emergency Response Traing.

    Remember, unless someone gives you advance warning that this is a drill and this drill does not apply to your work group always evacuate according to plan.

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    What do you do in the event of the a tornado? where do you assemble? How are you notified?

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    On one occacion we we had a real fire and preload was not stopped. Mgr beat down the flames on the compressor himself.
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    One year the resident safety clown told us we "had" to have a fire drill TODAY on the preload. It was either 2/13 or 2/14. The problem was that there was an ice storm outside. They actually tried to give us directions to "walk really close to the building because it's UNSAFE outside." I asked "if it's unsafe outside, why are we having a fire drill?" 10 minutes later the drill was cancelled.

    In true UPS fashion total incompetence and stupidity AND missing some company imposed deadline weren't enough for this clown to lose his job.... right away anyway.
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    On the topic of evacuation drills, in various buildings that I have been in, I have noticed that the Emergency Evacuation Board were in very bad shape.

    Missing completely.

    Falling off.


    Has anyone else come across this?

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    Actually, never. Our building is audited on the regular. They are very compliant.