Fired for smoking weed at a party


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Well, sorry refer smokers are losers. You lost your job didn’t you? My mistake, I didn’t ask you what state you were in but it doesn’t matter if ups doesn’t allow it does it? Do you play video games? I bet your a big Fortnite fan aren’t you?
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Lol, I’ve done more miles on your old lady in one week then you have in your whole mail truck driving career 😆

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People's different experiences always make me laugh. A friend of mine would blaze with their supervisor nearly every break period. Meanwhile, someone smoking at a party on the weekend gets :censored2:canned. Life ain't fair.


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Young people in my hub get high in the parking lot before work and after work. We even have people vaping during work. No one cares. UPS can't even hire enough people. This story about a party and getting fired sounds like young people say......"sus"