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  1. Package_Donkey14

    Package_Donkey14 milk was a bad choice

    I have 9 years with ups and 3 seasonal driving seasons under my belt. Yesterday I was pulled into the office and asked about a delivery I made the previous week. Apparently the customer called and complained that I had left a small tire impression on his grass next to his driveway. I was never aware of this happening at all but was told by supervisors that there is no way I could not have known I did this property damage. So they fired me for dishonesty! I honestly did not realize this damaged was caused. Delivery was made on a Thursday- Customer calls to complain Saturday- Monday ups sends a sup out to "investigate" and they conclude it was my front tire and I intentionally did not report it. Yes, it was a driveway that I probably should not have gone down-Yes, I had to do a series of short backups to establish the proper spacing around the vehicle so the telematics show 6 backups. This is a route that I had 1 day training on and was my 3rd day being on ever. Do I have any chance of getting my job back?
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    yes, contact someone at the local or talk to your steward. Make sure you file a grievance in a timely manner do not wait.
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    You said your a seasonal driver ?? But have been working for UPS for 9 years so you you must be a PTimer working the preload or local sort when not driving. You will probably get your PT job back but you can kiss that driving job goodbye.

    Have you talk with your BA if not get on the phone first thing tomorrow and talk to him.
  4. CharleyHustle

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    Think about it. The way they treated you here will last another 30 years. Why would you want it back?
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    Good point!
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    You must be a former UPS employee... If your still working for UPS please tell us why you would want to work for a company that treats it employees like this ???
  7. Johney

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    I'll go out on a limb here and say money? Isn't that why we all put up with the B.S.?
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    I agree money and benefits.. My point was to Charley that he is tell you to throw in the towel and it isn't worth putting up with the crap when he is still working for UPS.
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    I said no such thing. I said think about it. If you are going to run over someone's lawn and can't find a phone and tell them that you did just run over a lawn, then maybe no, this isn't for you. The DIAD, telematics, GPS, lets face it they have you under a micoscope and by the short hairs. 30 years ago this company was much different, and if you don't believe it you weren't there.
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    Fight for your job if you really want it. I would really like to hear the credentials on the people that investigated the incident. That alone should make for some great comedy!
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    Maybe sometime we all need to suck it up now and then.
  12. DS

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    Charley you are harsh.Be honest now,how many times have YOU left a tire track somewhere?
    Scratched your pkg car,etc? And said nothing,knowing(hoping) that no one saw anything?
    Did YOU call every time?
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    Or maybe I have a cardboard fetish.
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    The person who investigated the accident was his SUP he doesn't need any credentials. Anyways he wasn't the one that made the decision to fire the driver it came from someone above him. The SUP just investigated the incident and passed the info onto to his boss.

    He will get his PT job back but he will not be driving anymore. He was a seasonal driver his season has ended he has no rights like a FT driver.
  15. CharleyHustle

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    I've had more than a few scrapes, I reported them all. 25 years ago, no harm no foul, a few the boss would just shrug. Now every scrape is a chargable and a warning letter. I'm much more cautious now. If I don't know, I don't go. "Walk it off" is my mantra. If you can't make the kind of decisions that lower risk you won't be here long anyways.
  16. Package_Donkey14

    Package_Donkey14 milk was a bad choice

    Yes I work the local sort when I'm not driving. But here's the deal. I've worked my way to the top of the PT seniority list and was told the next full-time spot would be mine. I busted my butt for 9 years unloading trucks to get to this point and now it's all being taken away from me because some customer has nothing better to do then to complain and a small piece of dirt next to their driveway.The alleged tire track was right next to the driveway and only a foot or two long. Not like I just drove on the guys lawn. They sent a "on car" supervisor to investigate. I too seriously question his investigative credentials. From what I've been hearing from others, I will get my PT job back but will have to wait another year before I can drive again. The only reason I stay is because of the money and benefits,just like most others. I just don't understand how management can just come to the conclusion that a driver is being dishonest. I know the procedures, I would have made the call to the center had I known property damage was done. And just as a side note: I called my BA yesterday when I was let go and he told me to sit back and wait for the discharge paper in the mail and he would get back to me when he hears something....I've heard absolutely nothing all day today. We'll see what tomorrow brings
  17. UPSGUY72

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    The fact that you call it just a piece of dirt next to the driveway is exactly why you got fired. What investigative credentials does he need ??? Anyways how is it possible that you didn't know you drove on the guys lawn?? Where you backing up and went on the grass or going foward ? Which is it one or two feet ?

    I suspect that this isn't the first time this customer has had problems with UPS drivers in his driveway. This is why we stay out of driveways and walk off packages when ever possible.

    One of my SUP told me about a driver that called back to the center to say he got stuck in a customers driveway out in the middle of now where. The SUP knowing the area and the wet weather that was happen that spring could understand how it might happen. They sent a tow truck out to the driver and ask the TOW truck driver to take a picture of car stuck. Come to find out the driver wasn't even on the driveway he was out in the middle of a field on the side of the driveway stuck up to the axles in mud.
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    Ok, prove this was your tire track. It's just as likely to be fed ex that left the tire mark. Go to the steward and file a grievance. We all know when we drive off the pavement. We feel a large bug, rock, crack in pavement under the tires. Please!!! If you ran off the drive, you would know. The customer complained days after the delivery? Sounds shady to me. Unless said customer has you on video running off the drive, you should be ok. Best of luck to you.
  19. UPSGUY72

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    He isn't getting his driving job back he never made his 30 days he was seasonal then can terminate him as a driver for anything they want. He will most likely get his PT job back if he fights for it.
  20. Re-Raise

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    It is dirt and grass. Get off your high horse and put yourself in his shoes. I remember how important it was for me when I went from part-time to full-time and that was over 20 years ago.

    I have gravel driveways a quarter of a mile long. What if I move the rocks around and they call in?

    Come on people it is DIRT and GRASS. I believe he didn't think he did any damage.