Firefighters, state respond to hazmat incident in Lynn

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    Firefighters, state respond to hazmat incident in Lynn - Item Live

    Firefighters and a state hazmat team cleaned up a potential chemical spill inside an 18-wheeler parked off of Boston Street Monday afternoon.

    A UPS driver was making a delivery just after noon when he noticed a chemical smell inside his truck’s trailer, according to Lynn Fire Chief Stephen Archer. The driver immediately closed the truck, parked it deep in a lot, away from the street and businesses, and called the fire department.

    “He did everything right,” Archer said of the driver. “He did what he was supposed to do.”
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    What they don't know was he only moved and parked in that location because there was a Dunkin Donuts across the street.
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    Yup, I:

    Didn't touch
    Secured vehicle
    Notified sup
    Left area
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    ...except you forgot the most important step:

    throw your body over the package so if it explodes it doesn't damage your truck and you won't get fired.