first day tomorrow and confused about ramp ground handling?

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    I know they work outside all the time and I decided to apply for ramp ground handler to get a edge on being hired as everybody on the tour seemed to want regular p/t package know I have the job but I'm not sure of the extra details that the ramp handlers do?
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    are you talking Air divison with planes or a ground hub??

    it's probally not your choice. the new hires will be spit to the areas needed to be filled now before peak. do a good job wherever they put you and also let them get to know you . if you are put in to a position you don't want ,try in january to move to another area your better suited .After peak we focus more on people and not just getting the job done safely . If you do the job well during peak then people will usually work with you as soon as there is an opening.
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    Thanks..I'm not sure whether its considered air division or ground hub or maybe both combined..I mean, it's at a major airport and I see UPS everything from planes to the big trailers to the hybrid UPS crossovers suv' position is now air handler/ramp ground handler and that changed from package handler..the interviever said it was open so I just hopped on what other interviews didn't..I did this in hopes of having a job after the peak season

    is it really a big difference from a regular package handler?...does being a air handler/ramp ground handler give me a better chance of sticking around after peak season? (besides working my butt off and showing my hard work ethic)
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    You will most likely be loading & unloading metal containers of pkge (cans) in & out of planes out on the tarmac & will probalaly be sorting some pkges on belts too!! If you are in a cold climate,dress verrrry warm! It gets cold at the airports in early morining or late evenings!! You will be trained well in all aspects of the job,don't worry.Show uo on time every day & don't make waves.You will get ahead this way.Good Luck Newbie !!