First FAA approved drone delivery

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    According to the NEW FAA laws - all drones must operated by line of site ONLY! You are not allowed to operate it if you can't see it. Meaning... you can't use the on board camera to fly if you can't see it from where you are operating it. There are numerous videos of a guy who (when the hobby first started) would fly his about 5 miles away. He used a microwave style antenna to get the longer distance. There are also new weight limits and such. After reading the new regulations that came out last week - I think Amazon has been shot down. Speaking of - the first one I see over my house with a package will belong to me! BANG!
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    Still can't wait to see one kill somebody's dog or kid in a driveway. Logistics. Gotta deal with the logistics.
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    Was it a ebt customer?
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    Welfare person
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    If that was the case the drone would be delivering cigarettes and lottery tickets.... You know the important things... Screw food and diapers for the
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    Even with seeing them they are crashing them... One crashed behind a skier at a World Cup event and then another one crashed into old faithful in Yellowstone and the parks service was freaking out... People are just so stupid I don't trust them driving, let alone flying things through the air.
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    Waivers for corporations are pretty easy to get. The line of sight limitation is more to stop average people like you or I from doing anything reckless. Not companies like Amazon or 7/11. Part 107 is only a first step in regulation
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    I guess one day Domino's will be delivering pizza like this and dropping it on your steps.