First Overnight Scam.

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  1. Have any of you noticed your customers checking the FO box on the new airbills by accident? I have no doubt in my mind that this was done on purpose by FedEx to make a few dollars. I've had a few offices threaten to stop using us (I couldn't care less at this point) because of people checking that box thinking it was PO. I guess that's just the FedEx way though, right? Relax! It's FedEx! We'll get that envelope to it's destination hours before anyone is around to accept it!
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    Why don't you convert those customers to the computer software or online program to process their shipments?
  3. Some customers use computer labels, some use Airbills. There's no rhyme or reason to it. I used to push people to go digital but have stopped in the last few years. We're not allowed to talk to our customers anymore.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I always try to convert ASD (Air Shipping Document) customers to either our computer software or online shipping programs.
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    This probably was intentional, and I too, have had some customers with sticker shock. There have been bigger scams with FO, which I cannot go into because it might help ID me. Let's just say that FedEx was charging forFO, and not delivering it as FO.
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    Is this still happening? I remember a year ago when the new airbills came out seeing this. I laughed during a frontline video when MT3 was telling us how FO volume had increased dramatically. I guess it takes a while for everyone to use up all of their old airbills.
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    Or could it be that it just makes more sense to have the earliest delivery commit on the top left and go in order to the longest commit/cheapest service? Maybe it was intentional, maybe not, but it's the shipper's responsibility to choose the correct service. If they had checked PO by mistake, you can bet your @** that they would have been on the phone complaining at 8:01 when it wasn't delivered yet and you would be getting a message to break route and deliver it ASAP.
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    You are absolutely correct, this was done intentionally !
  9. You're exactly right about the shipper being ultimately responsible for the service they choose to use. People get into habits. I feel that FedEx snuck a low blow to their own customers with that little switch. You can bet hundreds of customers that WE count on to survive have opened bills that are double the amount they should of been. Businesses with accounts that may ship 1 pkg or 1,000 a month. I can usually catch it before it gets to far if I'm at a customer location. It's the drop boxes that I've picked up for years that worry me. Envelopes that have been marked PO in the past that are now marked FO now. Classy move.
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    Let's just say your station isn't the only one either. Relax it's FraudEx.
  11. I second that.
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    I ask the customer if they meant to check FO if possible. 9 time out 0f 10 the answer is NO! I would bet your drop box customers do not mean to do it either.
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    Fred is a classy guy. Check his bio, and you'll see that fraud and Fred go hand-in-hand. Just ask his sisters, or ATA Airlines, or...
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    Many customers go on autopilot and just check off the box they've always. Best to ask the customer if it's the service they really want. Many times you will find they did not want that premium service and are happy it was brought to their attention.
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    This happens with signature required packages all the time. Some guy sends something to himself from a Kinkos, then he isn't home to receive it. I end up getting a hold of him and he swears that he didn't request a signature requirement when he shipped it. Now I'm the jerk that can't within company policy(all the customer hears is won't) remove the signature requirement of the box.

    Now, I do know of a way to do that, but it an integrity issue and will throw up dozens of red flags once the box gets driver released and my id# would be all over it. I'm all for helping the customer but I will not fall on that sword.
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    And you're still helping to line his pockets :)
  17. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    We had a few complaints and a small, short lived increase in FO in this area when we switched to the new airbill. A year later after a few months of no growth in FO our FO volume has now doubled over what it was 12 to 18 months ago. It's consistent. I'm glad to see it.
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    What kind of response is "and you are still lining his pockets"? I guess you would like us all to quit our jobs? That will really change things. Hmmm. No, I think we should keep posting all the information. Fedex appears to like secrets when it comes to the lack of integrity.
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    Nah right when I saw the new airbill I knew it was changed that way to "trick" customers....But you know every time I went to a pickup and saw the FO checked off I told them these are new versions of airbills and made sure they ALL changed it to what they used to used which was PO...not right to cheat people out of money like a thief...
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    Well, if you think the customer isn't confused and is choosing the service based on its merits. How about you put the percentage of price difference for FO versus Priority service and let the customer decide.