First Resonders are a disgrace to the company.

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    To all,

    I am sorry for the harsh statement but it has been reported to Integrity that, generally speaking, the incompetence of the hourly first responders is wide spread.

    Based upon what I have been told and my experience I find this to be a reliable report.

    The way most first responders that I have seen approach their jobs is a disgrace.

    It is a shame that the individuals who take the job most critical to the well being of their fellow employees care so little about doing the job as required.

    If they truly don't want to do the job then they should have some integrity and just resign.

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    Would someone please pass the popcorn?
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    What's with the third person speak, man? Do you have a Jesus complex? I shall now refer to you as Ricky Henderson. Dracula thinks Ricky Henderson needs to break his mirror and join the rest of us.
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    Aren't you the guy from the other thread that said not to feed the trolls? :funny:
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    You are off the topic of this discussion.


  6. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    YouTube a few videos of Ricky Henderson speaking, You will then understand the reference. Dracula recommends.
  7. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Yes, but I don't think of Integrity as a troll. Messianic, yes, troll, no.
  8. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    Even though you are a blowhard of the highest order, I am sincerely interested. Are these individuals you speak of actual state certified "First Responders" or just some 4 hour wonders who might know some hands only CPR and band-aid application?
  9. over9five

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    I think he means the dude who responds to a spill...
  10. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    Thank you sir. Interesting terminology.
  11. ups hero

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    I was once a responder, it sucked. Too much responsibility. The responder on my shift is great. Actually all the responders I know in my building on all the shifts are great. I give them a lot of respect. It's not easy. You should give them some respect too. Cleanse yourself of this And forgive "I". It will make you feel better.
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    No problem at our center.
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    yet the mods allow this joke to continue... makes you wonder
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    In my Center, they really don't give a damn who responds to liquid spills. Hell we have clerks cleaning up and repacking spills (depending on what it is of course). And yes this has also taking place when "guest" were in the building. As long as those "numbers" are met. They don't give a damn who gets the spill, as long as its got
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    Designated Responder
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    When I read his posts I always think about the movie " The Mist" by Stephan King. He reminds me of the women in the grocery store who constantly preaches and thinks the good guys in the movie are responsible for all the bad things that are going on. She forms a mob and everyone starts to believe her except the good guys. Except in this reality he can preach all he wants and blame others for everything, but I'm not joining in.
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    A man of integrity wouldn't make such sweeping generalizations. The responders in my building act professionally and follow proper protocol. You owe them all an apology. For shame!
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    Although Integrity really rubs m​e (personally) the wrong way due to his insincerity, he/she is probably the most polite poster on BC and posts well within the terms of the TOS.

    If one does not like a member's posts, I suggest they ignore them.
    That seems impossible for some people ... they think Integrity and his posts should be banned.

    Brown Cafe is not a Fascist site, abide by the TOS and you're OK ... with the Mods anyway.
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    ​Mr Integrity, what say you?