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    I had an interview yesterday Wednesday the 12th. It was a group of 8. They are looking for seasonal delivery drivers. We were givin the “space and visibility” as well as the commentary checklist. I have my road test tomorrow. I did not expect for it to be so soon. What should I expect for the road test? I haven’t driven manual in years so that has me a bit nervous. Anything else? Will there be a pre trip inspection of the truck? Will I have to have memorized both checklists by then?
    At my previous job, the only pre trip inspection we did was that of the oil level as well as the coolant level.
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    If this was integrad, you would be expected to know the 5s, the 10s, driver comentary, and pretrip perfectly and fast. As a seasonal you won't be held up to the same standards but do get those 4 things learned to an appreciable extent. I would be more concerned about hitting other vehicles in the lineup or jumping a curb, which are surefire ways to get kicked out. The vast majority of package cars are becoming automatic and It could be very likely you even run a rental uhaul which are all automatic vans nowadays.
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    They'll tell you to use the e brake at every red light. When making a turn, drive straight a bit and then turn so your back wheels dont jump the curb. And also stay closer to your driving lane on the driver side so you'll be center correctly. That was about it when I did my road test. It's short and only about 15 minutes of driving on the street.
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    The test was easy just drive like you got some common sense.
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    Drive like you are old. Very cautious, complete stops and yields. Make sure you they see movements in your head to notice that you are checking side mirrors.