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    I will be goingb on my first solo delivery run next week. Can someone please offer some advice to ease my nerves? Also, on my route I deliver to a drugstore. I forget what to enter into DIAD if I ask the pharmacist for any pickups and there are none. My supervisor told me, but I forgot. Something to do with small down arrow, type zero, the enter I think. Anywhere for DIAD questions on forum?
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    Is the stop at the pharmacy a scheduled pickup? If so, you would open the stop, enter the number of packages picked up and then close the stop.
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    Sounds like you won't be eating lunch for a while
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    He will but it will be while he is driving.
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    You will be fine. try getting another drivers phone number,Incase you cant figure something out.

    Every newbie in my center,has another driver to get in touch with. Its nothing to do with UPS. We all just try to help the new guys out. Their are so many this year,Its a bit overwhelming.
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    thank you
  7. driver8thomos

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  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If it is not a scheduled pickup it is up to the customer to hand the packages to you.
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    Try to find out who's route it is and get that drivers number for questions. Remember numbers mean nothing right now because your brand new just don't get hurt or into an accident because that's suicide at this point. A minute here and there to stop and catch your breath is healthy.
  10. ZQXC

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    Driving safely is important (always), but especially now.
    Be careful with your backing. It's not just what is right behind you, but always be aware of the upper rear corners of your truck.
    Overhangs on buildings, awnings, low wires, tree limbs, that sort of thing. Get in the practice of checking out the area where you will be backing, as you approach the stop.

    Be smooth, keep moving, know where you are going next.
    Make sure pkg. count is down to zero at each stop after you have scanned everything; having to return is a time killer. Be safe.
  11. Get your sups number and call him when you have questions. He's supposed to be there for you. If not find a buddy or a steward.
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    than you
    thank you
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    When learning a new route you always find out where NOT to go on the first day for drops offs and picks ups. I always ask what the routine is.

    Most important. BE SAFE! It's not a race. Be smooth. Follow those methods they pound in us. They really do work.

    Don't look at your load as a whole. Focus on one shelf or area at a time. Give yourself small goals thru out the day. BE SAFE!

    If you work smart, you won't have to work hard.
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    My first solo home run was when I was 11 lol. First no hitter I threw was when I was 12 lol. I know I need to keep drinking wtf DERAILED lmfao
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    We just had a newbie wash out.