first year otr looking for local career.

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    Hello everyone. I'm just about to finish my first year in trucking and have just applied for ups. I have 1 non charged accident from My 2nd month solo. I scratched a lady's car, so I assume that will prevent me from being hired. also, from what I hear, ups doesn't do a lot of off street hiring. But in the slim chance the scratch does not ruin my chances and they will take someone off the street, I look forward to working with you.
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    Welcome to the brown Cafe!....more than likely (I hope) you will have a good shot!....good luck to you!
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    If you weren't charged with a moving violation don't see why the scratch would matter.
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    My hub just got 20 new feeder drivers. Myself included. They are looking to get 60 more. For me to drive I couldn't have any wrecks or tickets on my license. I had to pass my dot, and have my class A permit. I also asked while in class if they would be hiring off the street and was told no. That is of course my area. It could be different other places however we usually hire only people out of our building and we take on supervisors because they are considered outside hires, they take those first.
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    In the Chicago district we are hiring. Be there or be square.
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    Who would want to work in Chiraq?
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    If the incident was reported to DAC, then you would have a problem. I am not sure if UPS uses DAC for off the street hires, so there is that.