Flat Feet, Plantar fasciitis, and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

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  1. I have flat feet and always have had sore feet that got worse and better but never went away. I tried all types of shoes and after years of suffering with no relief went to a podiatrist and got custom inserts made for me. That didn't fix it so a few years later I went back and had x-rays and an MRI taken and was told I had a slight tear in my Posterior tibial tendon which is the main support from the calf to the arch of the foot. I was off work for six weeks in a walking boot and thought that was the end of that. It wasn't. My feet still hurt and I thought that was just a part of life and carried on trying different shoes to see if that would help. I did not realize that with the orthodics I could wear any type of shoe and it would not matter because I would always be supported by the orthodics. My left foot started to lose strength and I had a limp all of a sudden and blamed it on my recreational sports that I love. My foot began to over pronate and looked different or deformed a little bit out of no where and I learned that I have Adult Flat Foot or Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. My foot not only got more weak and over pronated excessively, it got wider and bigger than my right foot. The arch had collapsed completely as well. I'm having surgery this Friday to fix this and looking at a lengthy recovery time of four months if all goes well and up to a year before I'm back 100%. Has any one had this problem or surgery and if so I would love to hear the story. I'm planning on returning to work and extremely grateful to have the ability to take the time off and the benefits to pay for it while I collect disabilty. What more could I ask for? Any advice would be great!
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    Good luck. Remember to take your pain meds BEFORE physical therapy.
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    But we need you for peak !
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    We will shoot you up Kid ......we need you in the game !!! Put your helmet on and get out there!!!.......................... Seriously I wish you a speedy healthy recovery!
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    I had PF pretty bad for a couple years. Don't know why but if was squatting and properly working my legs in the gym it was always better. Haven't had problems for awhile now
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    I'm sorry you have to go through this. I had chronic plantar fasciitis. I had 3 foot surgeries the past 4 summers. This past summer was the first time I wasn't laid up. One of my many podiatrists thought I also had "Over-Pronation". (just a side note.....I have high arches, which were starting to fall). He recommended surgery to fix the Plantar Fasciitis, done laproscopically.....and he was going to put a pin in my ankle to "fix" the overpronation. It was called the "Hy-Pro Cure". It was an implant in the talo tarsal (or something like that). A few months after the surgery, I could barely walk! Doc wanted to remove the pin. I suggested trying physical therapy. It helped. Anyway, the following summer the fasciia grew back together; so I had an "open plantar fasciotomy" (2nd Podiatrist and 2nd opinion).

    Short story long, I think the "Hy-Pro Cure" was doing what it was supposed to do; but my foot just wasn't adapting to it and it was causing pain. I ended up this year having the "Hy-Pro Cure" implant removed. My foot is much better now.

    I think when it's done in younger children, it can be beneficial. But for a 40 something year old lady, that has been walking incorrectly, compensating for years of foot pain, it just wasn't for me.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to private message me with any questions.

    Good luck. I hope everything turns out well.
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    Yes....I have a tear in my Posterior tibial tendon and a tear in the anterior talofibular ligament...from an old ankle injury. I have some chronic pain and stiffness, and limited range of motion. Cortisone shots help a lot..and I've basically learned to live with it over the years. My podiatrist was against me having surgery until the condition disables me. Good luck....and let me know how you make out. If the surgery is really helpful, I may look for a new podiatrist.
  8. It did help, but I have a different problem.Are you back to work ? What is your position?
  9. Bleedin brown, I'll bet if you measured your calves you have one bigger than the other by an inch or more and one foot is wider and bigger than the other. I did not realize mine were until I was in front of a full length mirror doing pt. That will startle anyone.