Flex time? That's so 2005

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    Flex time? That's so 2005 - Globe and Mail

    The leaders at UPS did what any concerned employer would do; they asked their female employees what would make them happier at work, and then they did something about it.
  2. hoser

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    I'll give credit to UPS, at the ops level, they sure do accommodate women. And students, and everyone else. Really, they do. But sometimes managerial bias towards women just pisses the men off. But yet again, the men are nowhere near as subjected to harassment as the women from other managers.
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    It's nice to see companies taking an interest in females and management roles. I will say during my career, I had always felt like I was treated as any other management person at UPS.

    Now that was a challenge over the years, moving around the country from districts to regions. A welcomed challenge, as your inter personal skills get better as time goes on and you have the confidence to present yourself in any situation.

    On a side note, I have had people talk over me at presentations or meetings, and I would address the person, and advise them I was not done talking yet. That would always put a smile on the District or Region managers face, to see a female professionally request the attention and respect of their co workers.
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    After reading the article a bit closer, I don't get why this only applies to women. Why does accomodation (flex time, tele commuting, etc) need to be addressed solely towards women? Yes, society is changing, women are getting more degrees than ever before, as such, more women are entering the work force, therefore more women are becoming the bread winner. But I'm arguing that with more women getting degrees and professional jobs, men will need to pick up the home and family slack more than ever before, as well.
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    It's been a man's world and the good ole boy network at UPS for a long time. UPS is responding to the large numbers of females that have left UPS over the last 5 years.

    Last June, UPS launched a leadership development program targeted at female employees in the U.S. and Canada. Among other things, the program provides educational seminars -- on topics ranging from breast cancer to UPS operations -- as well as social events where employees get to network with people from other companies, and opportunities to volunteer in the community.

    In reading the article I didn't get the impression UPS was offering flex time to females, or allows females to bring their children to work. However, if this is the case, then the same should be offered to all UPS management.
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    This so called Flex time sounds wonderful but, there is nothing that mentions that this program is extended to the FT female drivers. There are two arguments that I would have to this program.
    1. It should be open to EVERY employee male or female.
    2. Since this is only open to upper management at least they have a set work hours. ex: 7am to 5pm At least their families know when their spouse might be home. As a drivers point of view having set hours would be less stress on the family. OK lets say on Wed. your going to have to work a 10 hour day then the family can plan accordingly. JMO
  7. hoser

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    I hear yah, but seriously, how feasible is that at the operations level? If you want this flexibility, go to FX Express and take a pay cut. High rate, limited flexibility, or low rate, high flexibility. You can't have it all.
  8. Channahon

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    I have to disagree with the set hours for management. There have been many times circumstances will come up where a management person's hours can be extended.
    Now I can't speak for Corporate, but can speak for District and Region management.

    The meetings for females regarding this article are done before or after they start their day. The volunteer activities are generally done on weekends.

    I do think this program should be expanded to all UPS employees who would take the time out of their mornings, evenings and weekends.

    It will only enrich them professionally and personally. Especially the weekend volunteering. What a great way to have a family activity and show our fortunate kids what the rest of the world may be struggling with to survive.
  9. Ms Spoken

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    For the record I knew what I was getting into when I worked my way up to be a driver. My post before was not intended or should have been perceived that I was bitching. All I'm saying is that set hours would be a positive move for anyone in the workforce. And for the record I'm very involved in a Non-profit organization that forces me to spend some of my weekends and a few weeknights to complete. But that is my choice to do so.
    But, it sure is nice to DREAM of having set hours.
  10. hoser

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    There seems to be a misunderstanding, I never said you were bitching, I was saying that your idea is great, but, at the operations level, how realistic is this?

    I was saying that UPS is obsessed over the numbers, and because of that, you work really hard, but you get really good pay. UPS' corporate culture doesn't factor in flex time or personal days or that kinda thing.

    FX Express, however, is where people are extremely happy, but their wages are low.

    People in this society face trade offs.

    But I think bidding on hours would be appropriate, as horrible as it would be for jr employees having to work different shifts all the time. I dunno. Interesting issue for others to weigh in on.
  11. Ms. Brown

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    The Women's Leadership program at UPS is a nice idea, but it isn't FlexTime. While UPS has good intentions with the program, it doesn't really hit the mark.

    Sometimes women feel subtle pressure to attend the events because that face time is important for the higher ups. So the end result is, the women that attend the program still have their work to do after the Women's Leadership meeting.

    What we really need are some cutting edge initiatives that give women more flexibility. Other companies are doing it, why can't we?
  12. hoser

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    UPS is good at what it does. It takes something and perfects it. However, UPS is not a company of innovation. Wonder why their technology development is handled out-of-house?