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  1. With all of the info coming from the higher ups about big shippers being added in October and all of the rumors from scared Express employees, it appeared Ground was in for a big spike this month.


    Haven't seen it .. in fact, after a couple of very heavy volume weeks in September, volume has gone the other way (down).

    Are other Ground employees/ISPs seeing the same thing?

    Also, we were told Ground had secured the rest of the Wal*Mart contract. I saw a Warner Brothers package normally delivered by UPS come in on October 4th. Haven't seen any since. Noticed UPS appears to be delivering MORE to the WM in my WA this past week.

    Others seeing the same?

    Asked terminal manager where this big volume we had been told about was. TM said basically that TM had seen sales figures etc and "be careful what you wish for". I guess time will tell.
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    Same. Been lighter than even last year. They always overhype. Try to scare you about peak as well. We will see...
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    Great way to get our point across would be a slowdown in December huh ? Though highly unlikely as I have said before no unity on the Express side,hence the screwing we get every year.
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    Hmm, same in my HD side... levels even or just a tad higher... we're still gearing up for more temp drivers though. just in case there's going to be a big snow storm or package volume increase.

    what 2 other accounts that ground held back until after peak did i read about in another thread???
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    Was CooperVision one of them?