Florida express drivers - question!


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Choose one on either coast but not one in the middle of the state. Too hot. Definitely avoid Orlando. I like the West coast best.
Very good advice along with choosing a station outside of the COVID hotbeds which could become quarantine zones if things get any worse.


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A buddy of mine transfered to the Longwood station a few years back. It's just north of Altamont Springs. He didn't end up staying but he didn't have anything terrible to say about it. That's probably a smaller station than Daytona Beach or Orlando, but probably does more residential areas than anything.


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No move is imminent - possibly in a year or so. I’m sure there are probably good and not so good everywhere - 😁


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Where are the best stations to work in the central Florida area?
Longwood SFBA- East of Orlando- SW of Daytona 3 Morning managers around 102 Couriers according to last vacation bid list. Plenty of work if interested and many near retirement