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  1. I'm going out on FMLA for three weeks which I just got approved for today.
    Son is having surgery.
    Someone told me that during these three weeks I have to call in everyday and tell them every day
    that I'm leave. This does not make sense, but we are talking about UPS here.
    Can someone give me their past experience with this matter.
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    I was out for 3.5 months and the only time I had to contact them was to tell them when I was returning
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    There is a new automated line that you call in addition to calling your center if you have intermitant fmla, which I always advise.
    You can in one call enter the dates you will be absent. For hours per day only enter your guaranteed hours not an average of what you have worked in the past.
    For your center you only have to call once. "I will be taking fmla days from x/x/12 to x/x/12. Thats it. If you need more call and give them the additional days.
    If you did not take fmla as intermitant you can call hr and have it changed. Intermitant will allow you to follow up with your son at dr appts as needed.
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    Cach has it right.