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    I am used to getting the Apple and Walgreens messages during P1 cycle. Yesterdays message was: You have 27 packages to nine recipients from five focus shippers. Please prioritize these if necessary. I knew which packages they were, but just knocked off a message to dispatch to ask if I should guess which stops they were. The reply from dispatch: LOL.
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    You know I don't mind "focus shippers" per se (all companies offer volume discounts to some degree), but the way fedex handles them, their freight is a detriment to every other shipper's pkgs in the system. All that when they are so heavily discounted, we hardly make a dime on them.

    And then cut the hourlies pay because we don't make enough profit per package.
  3. Operational needs

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    I haven't faced it yet, so what happens if you don't deliver them on time? Nothing?
  4. whenIgetthere

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    Let me know when you find out! The only late I've had on one of these shipments was yesterday, but I got it with late freight after 1400.
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    Just deliver everything first. See? Easy. This company is so effing retarded.
  7. We get OLCC'd and told to "sign here" then hear the yada yada yada about how we cld lose said acct if they are late.... Funny how when there is a National Service Disruption those Prioritized Priority shipments are no longer under the umbrella of BS they normally spew out.
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    We have a contract with GameStop which requires they get their deliveries by noon. We must ODS with delivery time and number of packages delivered. Mgt takes this very seriously.
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    We used to have the GameStop acct....... Our execs and sales dept oversold what they were willing to deliver. Now its a UPS account.
  10. Mr. 7

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    Good riddance.
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    Game Stop opened at 10 & we had to have it delivered by 10:30. That didn't work out so well.
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    Maybe FedEx will set up a new division called "Ass Kissing Rush Service."
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I had my Game Stop, which opens at 10, delivered by 9:30 this morning.